Brodie Van Wagenen: “We Are Not Done”

The New York Mets officially announced the signing of Wilson Ramos today and introduced him to the media at Citi Field. After that, general manager Brodie Van Wagenen met with the media.

On the topic of signing Ramos, Van Wagenen mentioned multiple times the veteran catchers ability to handle the pitching staff, as well as improving the teams throwing from behind the plate.

The Mets signed Ramos to a two-year, $19 million guaranteed deal that also comes with a $10 million team option for 2021.

Brodie Van Wagenen hinted that Wilson Ramos could be the big right-handed bat the Mets were looking for to be in the middle of the lineup. Brodie did add on by saying “We would still like to add another bat or two…we don’t feel that bat has to be right or left-handed anymore.”

He also mentioned Peter Alonso and Yoenis Cespedes as two bats who can make an impact this season.

Brodie also spoke on the matter of his catchers. He said he did not “need” to move a catcher and mentioned Travis d’Arnaud‘s possible versatility. Which to me sounds like GM talk as to not show his cards. I still expect them to move one of their catchers by spring because it makes the most sense for their bench.

Lastly, he talked about the rest of the offseason. He said the Mets feel they are the best team in the division as of right now because they have added two premium bullpen arms and two middle of the order bats. He also says he will still be working and “we are not done.”


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