Right-Handed Hitting Alonso Will Help Balance Mets Lineup

New York Mets first base prospect Peter Alonso has hit wherever he has played. More importantly, when pitchers have tried to adjust to his power-laden swing he has worked around these adjustments seamlessly.

Yes, his defense needs to improve but that is like complaining about Pablo Picasso because he never used finger paints. Alonso deserves the shot to win the starting first base job in Port St. Lucie for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, he has more than earned his shot. Secondly, this would send a great message to young players in the organization. Work hard and worry about things you can control, and you will get your shot in the show.

From a team standpoint, Alonso’s bat is sorely needed. This lineup is so lefty dominated and his power could provide a much needed balance in the order. With that being said, I still think a first year player needs to grow at this level, and patience will reward the Mets just as it will with Amed Rosario.

It will also give the team a very inexpensive answer at first base. The Mets would now have a trio of infielders in Alonso, Rosario, and McNeil at very little cost, allowing them to spend on the bullpen and behind the plate which I feel are the team’s two biggest needs.

You may ask this means for Jay Bruce? Well, until Cespedes comes back you have Conforto, Nimmo, Bruce, and Lagares split time. Quite frankly, if all four are hitting, that is a nice problem to have. But all four will need to earn playing time assuming the Mets don’t add another outfielder.

If and when Cespedes returns, time will have to be further earned because you know Yoenis will pay regularly if his health cooperates. Alonso’s presence could also keep Todd Frazier at third or possibly you add a better bat for third base.. did someone say Daniel Murphy? Frazier would then take the Wilmer Flores role of corner infield depth on the bench.

Here’s a look at a potential lineup vs right handed pitching:

  1. Amed Rosario SS
  2. Daniel Murphy 3B
  3. Michael Conforto LF
  4. Peter Alonso 1B
  5. Jay Bruce RF
  6. Wilson Ramos C
  7. Brandon Nimmo CF
  8. Jeff McNeil 2B or Pitcher
  9. Pitcher or Jeff McNeil 2B

Versus lefties you could sit Bruce and use this lineup:

  1. Amed Rosario SS
  2. Daniel Murphy 2B
  3. Michael Conforto LF
  4. Peter Alonso 1B
  5. Wilson RamosC
  6. Todd Frazier 3B
  7. Brandon Nimmo RF
  8. Juan Lagares CF/Pitcher
  9. Pitcher/Juan Lagares CF

When Cespedes returns, you have more leverage and could sit Bruce and Nimmo against lefties with Cespedes, Lagares, and Conforto in the outfield. With a right handed pitcher on the mound, you play Cespedes, Conforto and either Nimmo or Bruce.

Later this week I will talk about how I would rebuild the bullpen because this 77 win Met team is not that far away from contention for a playoff spot. Just my humble opinion Met Fans.

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Rich Coutinho has been a Met beat reporter since 1984 working at ABC Radio, WFAN, ESPN Radio, and SNY.tv. He is the author of Press Box Revolution as well as an upcoming book on the Miracle Mets which will hit the stores in April of 2019. He lives in Rye, New York.