Mets Have 17th Most Valuable Minor League System

In addition to ranking organizations predicated upon the talent in a system, Fangraphs have ranked each organization according to the perceived value of their prospects. The calculations were derived by using a projected WAR for an organization’s prospects and assigning a value of $9 million per WAR.

When running through those calculations, Fangraphs determined the Mets prospects will accumulate a 17.8 WAR, which is valued at $160 million. Overall, that WAR and value ranks the Mets as the 17th best farm system in baseball.

While the Mets are ranked 17th best, they are ranked much lower in terms of what Fangraphs deems to be actual prospects. In fact, Fangraphs believes the Mets only have 23 prospects, which is the seventh fewest in the majors. The Mets have been able to offset the relatively few amount of prospects they have by having a higher number of upper tier prospects.

In fact, the Mets have the sixth most prospects with a 50 rating on the 20-80 scouting scale. The Mets prospects with a 50 rating include Peter Alonso, Jarred Kelenic, Ronny Mauricio, and David Peterson. Andres Gimenez is the highest rated Mets prospect with a 55 future value.

It should be noted these rankings are based upon the 2018 year end rankings. As the offseason progresses and prospects are re-evaluated, it is very possible the Mets farm system will go up in these rankings. Specifically, we may see Justin Dunn and Mark Vientos rise from the 45 ranking to 50 or better.

Overall, the main takeaway from Fangraph’s exercise is while the Mets system may not be so deep, they are producing some high-end talent who can make a real impact at the Major League level.

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