Heyman’s Free Agent Predictions Have Harper, Machado Going Big

Jon Heyman of Fancred Sports released his annual free agent predictions and this year he decided to do a whopping 131 of them.

Heyman also has a one baseball expert that makes his predictions on the 131 free agents as well to give some perspective.

Let’s take a look at the predictions at a few of the positions that we believe the Mets need to address as well as free agents that played for the Mets in 2018. We will list the experts pick first and Heyman’s second.


RHP Craig Kimbrel – 4 years, $60M/4 yrs, $72M
LHP Zach Britton – 4 yrs, $56M/4 yrs, $60M
RHP Adam Ottavino – 3 yrs, $30M/3 yrs,$42M
RHP Brad Brach – 3 yrs, $27M/ 2 yrs,$14M
RHP Joe Kelly – 3 yrs, $27M/ 3 yrs, $24M
LHP Justin Wilson – 3 yrs, $24M/ 2 yrs, $14M
RHP David Robertson – 3 yrs, $21M/ 2 yrs, $18M
RHP Jeurys Familia – 2 yrs, $18M/ 2 yrs, $20M
LHP Tony Sipp – 2 yrs, $10M/ 2 yrs, $10M
RHP Cody Allen – 1 yr, $8M/ 2 yrs, $14M
LHP Jerry Blevins – 1 yr, $2M/ 1 yr, $3M

Looks like they have Kelly cashing in on a fine postseason. Cody Allen’s market took a huge hit after a rough season, 4.70 ERA and 4.56 FIP for the Indians in 2018.


LHP Dallas Keuchel – 5 yrs, $105M/ 5 yrs, $95M
LHP Patrick Corbin – 5 yrs, $85M/ 5 yrs, $100M
RHP Nathan Eovaldi – 4 yrs, $64M/ 3 yrs, $45M
LHP J.A. Happ – 2 yrs, $26M/ 2 yrs, $26M
RHP Charlie Morton – 1 yr, $17M/ QO
RHP Matt Harvey – 1 yr, $9M/ 2 yrs, $18M

They also had some bargains in the group with Edwin Jackson, Ervin Santana, C.C. Sabathia and Anibal Sancez all getting one-year deals in the $5-9 million range.


3B/SS Manny Machado – 10 yrs, $325M/ 10 yrs, $300M
3B Josh Donaldson – 3 yrs, $66M/ 2 yrs, $36M
UT Marwin Gonzalez – 4 yrs, $56M/ 4 yrs, $52M
2B DJ LeMahieu – 4 yrs, $50M/ 3 yrs, $39M
2B/3B Jed Lowrie –  2 yrs, $15M/ 2 yrs, 22M
2B/SS Asdrubal Cabrera – 2 yrs, $7M/ 1 yr, $7M
2B/3B/OF Josh Harrison 2 yrs, $10M/ 2 yrs, $12M
2B/1B Daniel Murphy 2 yrs, $18M/ 2 yrs, $20M

Both the expert and Heyman have Machado getting 10 years and at least $30M per. Tough to imagine Donaldson getting that type of coin. Marwin getting a Ben Zobrist type contract. It will be interesting to see if the Mets try to upgrade on the disappointing Todd Frazier.


RF/CF Bryce Harper  – 11 yrs, $374M/ 11 yrs, $330M
RF Andrew McCutchen – 4 yrs, $60M/ 3 yrs, $39M
CF A.J. Pollock – 3 yrs, $42M/ 3 yrs, $45M
RF Adam Jones – 3 yrs, $37.5M, 2 yrs, $22M

Outfield market is extremely thin with the Mets likely shopping for a right-handed hitter that can play center field.


Yasmani Grandal 3 yrs, $39M/ 2 yrs, $20M
Martin Maldonado 3 yrs, $26.25M/ 2 yrs, $16M
Wilson Ramos 1 yr, $10M/ 1 yr, $9M
Kurt Suzuki 1 yr, $5M/ 1 yr, $6M
Devin Mesoraco 1 yr, $4.5M/ 1 yr, $2M
Jeff Mathis 1 yr, $2M/ 1 yr, $1.5M

Catcher is an obvious need for the Mets and Ramos on a one-year, low risk deal would make a ton of sense for them. Grandal will get the qualifying offer which complicates his value.

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