Let’s See Your Mets Memorabilia: Part 1

We’re Mets fans. We like to collect Mets memorabilia. So, why not enjoy this off-season and take out the various pennants, bobbleheads, programs, baseball cards and whatever else you collect and share them while reminiscing about how you obtained them and what they mean to you.

Leading off, I’ll share a picture of the Mets pennant I have from my childhood. I was almost born at Shea (Mom and Dad were in the Upper Deck when Mom was 8 1/2 months pregnant and she began experiencing Braxton-Hicks) so from the beginning I was a Mets fan. To this day, that June game and the 23-inning game in 1964 are the only game Dad has ever left before they were over.

The featured picture of the well-worn Mets pennant they bought me before I was born during that amazing season of 1969.

Almost 50-years old, that pennant has survived at least half a dozen moves; a younger brother who liked to take and tear my things; a girlfriend/fiancee/now wife who strangely feels baseball pennants belong in the man cave rather than the living room; two Mets World Series; and a terrorist attack on New York City. The pennant shown pre-dates the Twin Towers and lasted longer than them despite being only blocks from where the Towers fell.

Note the less politically correct posture of Mrs. Met, and how Shea does not have a large electronic scoreboard or the Pepsi Porch. Ahh, the ’60s.

So what are some of your favorite Mets mementos? Share a picture and the explanation in the comments so other MMO readers can share your Mets memorabilia.


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