A Mets Fan’s Guide to the Offseason

There’s nothing that drags on longer than an MLB offseason.

And if you’re in as pivotal of one as the Mets are, it’ll probably feel like it takes even longer. The Mets find themselves in the brink of contention in a division destined to be baseball’s worst next season. The Nationals seem primed to lose Bryce Harper to free agency, the Phillies played the worst baseball in the league the final month and a half of the season. The Marlins are…well…the Marlins, and the Braves appear to be the real deal. So in a division with one real team in contention, the Mets face their biggest offseason in a few years as they attempt to push themselves up and over the edge of contention.

Enjoy The Playoffs 

Are the Mets in the playoffs? No. Does that mean that you should pay any less attention to the playoffs? Of course not. There’s nothing in sports better than playoff baseball and it’s ability to put pressure and captivate you on every pitch. Above our love for the Mets, we have our love for baseball. A game so fine it’s played on diamonds. Playoff baseball has given us so many memories over the years, and gives us amazing games every October. In no other sport can you find yourself on the edge of your seat throughout virtually the whole game. So enjoy the Fall Classic and everything leading up to it. It only comes once a year; don’t take it for granted.

Stay Calm, The Market Moves Slow

Following last offseason events, it should come a no surprise to anyone if the free agent market moves slowly and many players don’t sign until after the holidays. We saw Jake Arrieta and J.D. Martinez both wait extended periods of time to sign with their respective teams. There’s no reason for fans to get mad at their team if the market is moving slow. It’s often on the side of the players and agents, taking time, weighing offers, and trying to find leverage to increase salaries. The most a team can do is just offer what they believe to be a reasonable contract. There’s no reason to overpay just to accelerate a player signing; that cripples payrolls and franchises.

Teams Can’t Chose Who Do And Don’t Sign With Them

Believe it or not, the Mets cannot choose who signs with them. Crazy, right? The Mets can put their best offer forth, and everything after that is out of their hands. They can persuade, convince, hope, pray, beg, cry, bribe all they want, but if a player simply does not sign on Jeff Wilpon’s dotted line, there’s nothing more the next general manager can do about it. So, before you tweet your displeasure at the Mets for not signing whichever star you wanted them to, understand that if a player doesn’t sign with the Mets, its because they chose not to, not because the Mets did not sign him.

Not Every Player Can Help the Mets

The Mets have obvious needs of improvement at a handful of positions, and there will be players out there that can help. But understand that not every free agent can help, and sometimes it’s better if they don’t sign the player. For instance, the Mets did not sign Lorenzo Cain in the offseason, and he went on to have a great season for the Milwaukee Brewers. If the Mets sign Cain, they never get to see Brandon Nimmo as an everyday player, and he doesn’t have the all-star caliber season that he did. Nimmo produced an OBP of .404, the tenth best single-season OBP in Mets history. Should the Mets have signed Cain in retrospect? Yeah. But did not doing so actually work out for the Mets as well? Yeah. Sometimes, its best just to have faith and trust things will work out, which is a lot easier said than done as a Mets fan.

Important Dates To Know

Its hard to know everything that happens in the offseason, so here’s a quick rundown of important dates this winter:

  • 10/31/18: Set Date For Game 7 Of The World Series (If Needed)
  • First through Fifth Days After The Season Ends: Private Negotiation Period
  • Sixth Day After The Season Ends: Free Agency Opens
  • 11/5/18: BBWAA Awards Finalists Announced
  • 11/12/18-11/15/18: BBWAA Award Winners Announced
  • 12/2/18: Non-tender Deadline
  • 12/9/18-12/12/18: Winter Meetings in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Mid-February- Pitchers and Catchers Report To Port St. Lucie, Florida

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