Wright Expresses Interest in Front Office Role

Every fan has thought at some point during David Wright‘s career that he would one day make a great addition to the organization in some way, shape, or form. Well, our dreams just might come true.

In a media scrum prior to Tuesday’s game, Wright addressed a question relating to becoming a member of the Front Office next season asked by SNY’s Andy Martino. Wright confirmed interest in staying involved with the organization.

“I’d love to stay involved. I love being around the game. I obviously love the organization. So I think I could provide value.”

Now the remaining questions are: When will this happen? What role will he take on?

Being that he’s spent a whole lot of time in the bigs with the Mets, the natural thought is for him to take on a coach’s position of some sort or maybe even a role similar to that of the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez. However, for Wright to become a GM or Manager is unlikely at this time and probably ever as the idea of potentially firing a franchise icon at any point would be detrimental to the organization.

Perhaps even a role similar to that of Mike Piazza in which Wright would attend Spring Training practices and mentor the youth and assist in fielding drills.

Realistically, a position that would allow Wright to act as a mentor to the minor leaguers and prospects would be the best fit for him at this moment. He has already stated that he enjoyed being able to help his minor league teammates during his rehab stints. Is this at all surprising? I highly doubt there is any person out there that would find this remotely surprising.

In all seriousness, there is no one better to act as a mentor than Wright himself. He is a true Met through and through; he grew up a Met fan, was drafted by the Mets, and went out playing only with the Mets. Is there any other argument to be made here?

Mets fans can all sigh a sigh of relief now that we have this tidbit of a possible future of more David Wright coming our way.