MMO Fan Shot: What To Do With the 2019 Roster

An MMO Fan Shot by Kevin (kw_all)

Position Players

Of course, the first thing that needs to be done is hire a real general manager. I prefer someone with a track record of sound personnel decisions in a solid organization. I would be looking at executives in Los Angeles, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Oakland, Houston and Boston for example.

Once a GM is hired, an honest assessment of the team needs to be done, identify what you have, what your needs are and then target specific outcomes. By specific outcomes I do not necessarily mean specific names, however I do mean specific types of players, be they sound defensive players with offensive potential, or line drive hitters who are good athletes, or whatever criteria the team is targeting in a player.

Clearly, I would be looking for sound defensive players with offensive potential and line drive hitters who are athletic with some pop. Hopefully, the team begin to move away from relatively nonathletic poor defensive players with pop. The last 2 years have proven that is not going to be productive. But I digress.

The key will be the assessment and the actions taken to move the Mets towards the type of team they want to be.

My assessment is below.

Catcher: woefully inadequate.

The Mets absolutely cannot move into 2019 with a new management team and Travis d’Arnaud and Kevin Plawecki as the two main guys. One is just too injury prone (though they both are on the DL too much) and the other is average. This is a must improvement area.

First base: second biggest area in need of improvement. If the Mets think a current minor leaguer in the organization is the answer, so be it. Give him the job from Day 1, no Adrian Gonzalez types please. If not, (my opinion) then a legitimate 1B is required to improve the team. I love Wilmer Flores and Jay Bruce, however neither is a legitimate major league 1B. From my perspective, it is time to move on and get a major league legit bat and glove for the position.

Second base: I really like Jeff McNeil’s game and attitude. If the scouts/executives think he can maintain it, then you have a nice 2B with plenty of back up options already on the roster. I do not think upgrading here is a priority at this time.

Shortstop: continuous improvement from Amed Rosario is expected. Great potential and we have seen him learning and growing the last two months

Third base: Not a big fan of the “Toddfather” Todd Frazier, however he is adequate and only under contract for one more year. Unless a trade brings in a good young 3B, this is another position where an upgrade would be nice but not required. Let’s find a decent backup not named Jose Reyes or Wilmer Flores.

Left field: The Mets have three really good left fielders, Yoenis Cespedes, Michael Conforto and Brandon Nimmo. This is where the Mets have a surplus and can make a deal. Conforto and Nimmo are similar players. I prefer Nimmo, however, I love Conforto and his swing, and he has the higher ceiling offensively.

That being said, Conforto is the one I would dangle first as trade bait as I believe his higher ceiling gets a higher return. I would be OK with trading Nimmo instead as he is the prototypical modern player, high slugging, high OBP, high strikeout guy and definitely has good value. I do not see a win/win scenario with both players on the roster…unless Conforto can play 1B.

Center field: The Mets have to make a move here for the present and future. By Nov. 1, Juan Lagares will be the only legit CF on the roster and unfortunately we cannot rely on him at all. Nimmo and Conforto are not CF’s, but perhaps they can get us one in a trade. Mets need a starter here and that guy is not currently in the organization.

Right field: dead zone. My plan would be to put Bruce out there where he belongs (since he is almost assuredly on the roster in 2019 because of his contract). I do not like him a 1B as I don’t see the athleticism or glove required. I could be wrong but…

Bench: The only players on the current 40-man that should have a chance to be on the bench are Flores (who I am looking to trade), Plawecki and Lagares (assuming health and he is still on the roster after trades).


Starters: Stay with the top starters, will likely get a nice young guy in the trades and hope one of the minor leaguers step up. Losing Noah Syndergaard will hurt, but that young athletic legit defensive CF will help us win more games.

Bullpen: I love Robert Gsellman and Seth Lugo in the multiple inning role. They need a closer and another experienced multiple inning guy. Let the young righties get two or three roles. We should only have to carry 12 pitchers with all the multiple innings guys (so the bench is stronger).

Cespedes is not a problem. He will likely not be ready until June or July and will play wherever he is needed. No more prima donna crap, get to RF if necessary. He will be that great mid-season pickup. OR come back in 2020 healthy, but I fully expect Cespedes to be available mid-summer 2019.

Now, the next question is…who to target. Well, I have not figured all that out. However, if the Mets are bold and put Conforto, Nimmo, Flores and Syndergaard out there, the return would and should close the major holes noted above and get some young talent back.

Syndergaard is the only pitcher I would consider trading because the return would be enormous. Jake is an ace’s ace and I do not believe Zack Wheeler or Steven Matz could generate the necessary return.

Free Agents

Manny Machado would be nice, he would have to play 3B or 1B because I am not moving Rosario. I don’t expect it. Pass on Bryce Harper, unless you want another LF in CF. Otherwise I only see Yasmani Grandal, A.J. Pollock, Leonys Martin and Patrick Corbin as players to target. All will be costly. I would like to add Corbin to the rotation though. And perhaps Jeurys Familia back into the bullpen.

Let me know your view Met fans.


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