Mets Should Not Pinch-Hit David Wright Before Saturday

Tuesday, September 25 was a big day for the Mets and their fans. After a long wait, David Wright was activated and will start on Saturday, September 29 against the Marlins.

This gives fans a lot to look forward too, especially because the Mets haven’t really had a great player like David retire with the team in a long time. Most of the team’s best players left the team years before retiring.

In recent years, the closest we’ve gotten to the real thing was seeing Bobby Abreu’s final game back in 2014. He’s been with the team for just one season but the game and post-game chat were magical seeing a guy with a career like his riding off into the sunset.

It’s going to be different with David. He’s spent 18 seasons in the organization and anyone who’s a fan of the team will be cheering him on. In fact, his final send-off will probably end up being pretty close to Alex Rodriguez’ final game in terms of excitement and energy.

That’s the problem though. Mickey Callaway recently said that he wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to pinch-hit David during one of the games before Saturday.

From a fans point of view, that kind of takes away the impact of him playing one final game. His final game would still be a blockbuster event, but having him appear unannounced once or twice beforehand just doesn’t feel right. Especially for those who are planning to attend the game on Saturday.

There isn’t truly a problem with trying to give him an extra at-bat but it feels much more meaningful watching his hard work pay off in his return and then see him ride off. After the long and painful road back for Wright, it feels wrong for his dedication to culminate into one quick at-bat in a ballpark that probably won’t even be half full on a Wednesday or Thursday.

It just makes too much sense for the team to honor both his return and his retirement at the same time.

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