3 Up, 3 Down: Mets Continue Playing Spoilers

3 UP

1.  Conforto Being Conforto

As the season progresses, we are gradually seeing Michael Conforto move from an injured and rusty player to being the regular Michael Conforto.  That was especially the case over the past few games.

Conforto homered in consecutive games which now makes him the team leader in both homers and RBI.  In the last two games of the series, he was 4-for-10 with three runs, two homers, and five RBI.

This wasn’t just a blip either.  As noted by Mathew Brownstein of MMO, in the second half, Conforto has a 48 G, .239 ISO, 125 wRC+, 22.4 LD percent, 42.4 hard hit percent, 13.6 soft hit percent.

More than the offense, he was terrific in the field going to the stands.  Overall, this is the Conforto we saw before the injury last year.

2.  Mets Found Their Second Baseman

One of the things the Mets need to be doing as the season closes is finding out who could be a part of the team in 2019 and beyond. With the way he has been playing, it is clear Jeff McNeil is the Mets second baseman of the future.  That has been all the more evident of late.

Currently, McNeil has a four game hitting streak which includes consecutive three hit games.  He also has a respectable -1 DRS in 299.0 innings played at second.

This is why he just has a 1.7 WAR in just 44 games, which is currently ranked as eighth best on the team.

3.  Rosario Definitively Part of the Equation

Entering August, Amed Rosario was hitting just .237/.280/.359, and there were legitimate concerns he might not be the Mets shortstop of the future.  Those concerns now seem like a distant memory.

Since August started, Rosario is hitting .301/.340/.448 with eight doubles, two triples, three homers, and 16 RBI.  In many ways, Rosario not only looks like the shortstop of the future, but also as the potential leadoff hitter of the future.

Overall, Rosario has completely turned around his game after struggling since his MLB debut. Much of the credit should be given to Rosario, though there should also be some credit given to Mickey Callaway and his coaching staff.

Photo: Ed Mayer, MMO


1.  Not Wright

With David Wright only playing a simulated game over the weekend and assuming he is not activated this week, there is just one more homestand in which Wright could possibly play for the Mets this season.  Hearing the Mets talk, it does not even seem like that will happen.

John Ricco has continually insisted that Wright is not hitting his milestones, and the team is not going to activate him unless he can play everyday, which is odd because the Mets already have Todd Frazier and Jay Bruce.  What makes his statements all the more puzzling is the fact Ricco has admittedly not talked to Wright.

For his part, Wright is saying there is no rift with the Mets, and that he is going to do all he can do to make it back. Hopefully, he will, but with the Mets possibly not wanting to forfeit the insurance money, it is possible the team will put enough hurdles in his path to ensure he wont’ return this season . . . or the next.

2.  No More Weekend deGrom at Citi Field

Yesterday, Callaway made the right call in starting Corey Oswalt over Jacob deGrom due to the weather.  While it was the right decision, that decision cost Mets fans the opportunity to see deGrom on a Sunday start. Those Sunday day games are when deGrom is all the more special.

Now, with an off-day on the 24th, there is a chance the Mets can allow deGrom to start the season finale, but that will likely be determined by where he stands in the Cy Young voting.  In any event, deGrom is one of the few reasons to watch this team, and many fans were robbed of that opportunity due to the weather.

3.  A Lost Opportunity

While it is comforting to see the Mets play much better baseball and play spoilers, it is somewhat disconcerting to think what might have been.  The team has gone from last place in the division to the second best record in the National League East since the All Star Break.  Really, seeing how things have shook out in the National League, you do have to wonder what could have been.

With the Mets pitching, McNeil playing second, Rosario’s rise, and the Mets playing better baseball in general, it would be interesting to see how this season could have transpired.  Instead, the Mets decided to go down giving players like Jose Reyes more chances than he was worth.

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