3 Up, 3 Down: Mets Are All Wright

3 UP

1.  Wright Will Play Again

No matter how melancholy it may or may not be, we are going to get to see David Wright suit up and play third base for the Mets one last time.  Instead of his career ending like Prince Fielder, Wright is going to get one more chance to play in front of the fans, and more importantly, his daughters, which was Wright’s final wish as a player.

As Mets fans, we don’t get many special moments, but this will be one of them, and we should cherish this moment as much as we have cherished Wright’s entire career.

2.  Mets Can’t Lose

With the Mets taking three of four from the Marlins, the Mets have now won 9 of their past 12 series (two splits as well).  This is a good harbinger for the 2019 season because of the reason why the Mets are winning these series.

Jeff McNeil has three three-hit games over the past week.  Amed Rosario has gone from a negative WAR player for much of the season to a 0.6 WAR.  Jacob deGrom, Zack Wheeler, and Noah Syndergaard are pitching like aces.  Jay Bruce is healthy and revitalized hitting .255/.329/.527 since returning from the disabled list.  Brandon Nimmo has the second highest wRC+ among National League outfielders.  Michael Conforto is Michael Conforto again.

These and many other things, like the Todd Frazier walk-off homer, are great signs for 2019 and beyond.

3.  Smith Showing Signs of Life

While he is still receiving sparse playing time, Dominic Smith is finally showing something at the Major League level.  Since his most recent call-up, he is hitting .304/.333/.652 with two doubles, two homers, and four RBI in nine games played.

Despite this stretch, it is still highly unlikely he has any opportunity for the 2019 job.  However, this stretch does give him more of a shot in the event of an injury, and possibly, it makes him more attractive as a trade target this offseason.


1.  deGrom Under .500

It is notable how the Mets keep trotting Austin Jackson out for defense in center field despite his -14 DRS there this season.  It is quite possible this decision could cost deGrom the Cy Young.

Lewis Brinson would hit a ball deGrom did not get up enough to deep center.  It is a ball we have seen Juan Lagares make look routine.  According to Baseball Savant, Nimmo, who has been playing more in center recently, is a hair quicker than Lagares meaning he likely gets to that ball.

Jackson, who seemed to get a slow start, had no shot.  With that, Brinson hit a two run double creating an insurmountable 2-0 lead.  It led to deGrom taking the loss dropping his record to 8-9.

We have seen Mike Wilbon decry deGrom cannot win the Cy Young with a losing record.  In Jon Heyman’s most recent FanCred Sports article, he quoted an executive who said, “I struggle giving him the Cy Young.”

Now, these are not voters for the award, but certainly there is an old school mentality that exists among the electorate.  Asking them to overlook deGrom not having many wins is one thing.  Asking them to overlook a losing record may be too much for them.  After all, Eric Gagne, a closer, is the only player in Major League history to win the Cy Young with a losing record.

2.  Frazier Having Issues With Umpires?

One of the odd things about Frazier’s thrilling walk-off victory was Home Plate Umpire Tom Hallion standing right in front of home plate in Frazier’s path.  It was something you’ve never seen previously, and it may not be anything.  Then again, there could be an issue.

Earlier in the season, Frazier was quite harsh in his criticism of umpires.  Recently, he embarrassed umpires with the rubber ball trick.

Overall, it is quite possible there is nothing to this, but it is something worth monitoring, especially when a crew chief who has been an umpire for over 30 years makes it a point to step in Frazier’s way instead of letting him leap into the pile like almost every other player does on a walk-off homer.

3.  Wright Is Gone

For many years, third base was referred to as a black hole for the Mets organization.  That all changed when Wright was called-up in 2004.  Since that time, Wright has emerged as the greatest Mets position player.  He has set a number of team records, and until he went down with spinal stenosis, he was well on his way to the Hall of Fame.

Instead of heading to the Hall of Fame, we have seen Wright suffer injury after injury robbing him not just of the Hall of Fame, but just the ability to do things like throw a baseball.  He deserved much better than that, and it has been a hard thing to watch for Mets fans to watch.

On the bright side, it’s a good thing Wright is able to end his career relatively on this terms.  That said, the day Wright stops wearing a Mets uniform is going to be one of the lowest days in Mets history.

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