Nimmo: Getting Hit in the Hand Created Bad Habits

Brandon Nimmo was in the middle of a All-Star caliber season on June 24 when he got hit on the hand by a Rich Hill pitch.

Coming into that game, the 25-year-old Nimmo was hitting .284/.400/.574 with nine doubles, six triples and 12 homers in 65 games. From June 24 through today, Nimmo has seen his strikeout rate jump up to 32.5% (up from 27.2% to start the season).

It’s been a struggle for Nimmo since that day and he admits to Mike Puma of the New York Post that the HBP hindered his performance, “There was a significant difference before I got hit and after I got hit in the hand. I think I developed some bad habits coming back from that and that was unfortunate on my part.”

Nimmo is now hopeful that he’s made the necessary adjustments to get back on track and that showed over his last two games against the Cincinnati Reds earlier this week when he went 5-for-8 with four doubles and three RBI.

The Mets outfielder is confident he’s back where he needs to be with his approach at the plate, “But I just think we are trying to get back into good habits and trying to repeat those. I think we are doing a better job of that now, as you can see by results, but I’m trying to become a more consistent hitter.”

For the season, Nimmo is hitting .252/.378/.477 with 137 wRC+, 18 doubles, six triples and 14 homers.

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