Jerry Blevins Re-Gaining Trade Value

Last night, Jerry Blevins did what seemed to be the impossible – he got Freddie Freeman out.

For Blevins, that was no small task, as Freeman has gotten a hit off of Blevins in exactly half of the 24 plate appearances he has against him. Those aren’t quiet hits either.  Those hits include four doubles and a homer. Ultimately, when Blevins gets Freeman out, you need to take notice.

And really, if you are taking notice, you will see Blevins has recently returned to being Blevins.

With Blevins pitching a scoreless inning against the Braves yesterday, he now has a four appearance and 4.0 inning scoreless streak. Over this streak, Blevins has limited batters to a .091 batting average, and he has struck out three.

In this stretch, it’s not just that he’s getting outs. It’s also who he is getting out.

In this stretch, he has faced seven left-handed batters, and he has gotten them all out while striking out two of them. Those seven left-handed batters include Freeman, Bryce Harper, Matt Adams, Gregory Polanco, and Josh Bell. That’s a group which could do a lot of damage against any pitcher, especially one who has purportedly struggled for much of the year.

Looking further back, Blevins has been a much better pitcher since a dreadful April. Notably, in each successive month of the season, Blevins has posted a better ERA than the previous month. Lost in the tough numbers he’s had this year, Blevins has had a 3.27 ERA. Since June 1, it’s 3.07.

Of note, since that June 1 date, Blevins has limited left-handed batters to a .191 batting average against him.

As this season has progressed, Blevins looks more and more like the guy he was with the Mets in 2016 and 2017 who posted a 2.87 ERA for the Mets. More than the ERA, he was a dependable reliever who the Mets could lean upon in big moments.

Seeing how this season is progressing, Blevins is looking more and more like that type of a reliever. With that being the case, we should see more and more teams become interested in Blevins over the course of this month as postseason bound teams are seemingly always eager to add another left-handed pitcher in the bullpen.

If you are a National League contender, you should act fast on Blevins too.  While we know his struggles against Freeman, he does have good numbers against other notable National League left-handed hitters:

Overall, with how he is pitching now, and his terrific numbers against some left-handed batters either in a pennant race or who will be in the postseason, it just seems like a matter of time before a team jumps in and adds Blevins, a pitcher who is unscored upon with a 0.143 WHIP in six postseason appearances, to their postseason bullpen.

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