3 Up, 3 Down: Mets Score Runs For DeGrom

3 UP

1.  Mets Finally Score for deGrom

With Jacob deGrom having the best ERA in baseball, over a half-run better than the second best ERA in the National League, and his entering yesterday’s game with a 1.99 career ERA in day games, you knew he was going to shut the Reds down.

What we didn’t know was the Mets offense was going to suddenly explode. In total, the Mets scored eight runs for deGrom to help give him his sixth win of the year.

To put it in perspective just how much run support this was for deGrom, consider the Mets offense gave deGrom just three runs of support over his past four starts and 11 runs over his last five starts. Really, in the entire Month of June, the Mets only scored 10 runs for deGrom.

Overall, this is why deGrom is a game under .500 and why the Mets are way under .500.

2. Nimmo Getting Back on Track

On June 24, Brandon Nimmo left a game against the Dodgers after getting hit on the hand with a pitch.  At that time, Nimmo was the best offensive outfielder with a 170 wRC+.  Since that time, Nimmo was an All-Star snub, and his offense has taken a precipitous drop.

From June 25 until this series, Nimmo has had an 80 wRC+ and a 32.2 percent strike out rate.

Perhaps Nimmo’s hand is starting to feel better because he was much better in this series, especially the final two games. In those two games, he was 5-for-8 with four runs, four doubles, one walk, and three RBI.

This marked the first time he had consecutive multi-hit games since June 17-18. Hopefully, we are now seeing Nimmo return to being that player.

3.  Doing the Right Thing

While the Wilpons have rightfully been scorned for the things they have done wrong as the owners of the Mets, they would actually step up and show a more human side during this series.

While it was far from certain, the team did have a commemorative video thanking Matt Harvey for his time in a Mets uniform. Given how acrimonious the relationship between the sides have been at times, it was big of the team to honor him this way.

More importantly, the Wilpons healed old wounds with Mets Hall of Famer Ed Kranepool. Kranepool was welcomed back to Citi Field by the team, had him throw out the first pitch, and they spent time advertising in an attempt to help get Kranepool the kidney he needs. For those interested in helping, email kidney4kranepool@gmail.com, or call 631-444-6944.


1.  Struggling Young Mets Relievers

One of the more important things the Mets were supposed to be doing over the last few months of this season is their taking a look at their young bullpen arms, many of whom were acquired over the last 14 months. Including their lackluster performance in this series, here is where their stats sit right now:

These are just the young relievers on the Major League roster.  Gerson Bautista has a 12.46 ERA and a 3.000 WHIP.  Tim Peterson has a 6.53 ERA and a 1.619 WHIP.

Really, looking over the entire organization, the only young reliever who has had any success is Drew Smith, who like the rest of this group, has been used sparingly and inconsistently by Mickey Callaway.

2.Rosario’s Development

Looking over Amed Rosario‘s stats between his first two professional seasons, you do not see much development.

In 2017, he was a -0.2 WAR player with a 74 wRC+ and a -1 DRS.  This season, Rosario is a -1.0 WAR with a 68 wRC+ and a -16 DRS.

At some point, especially given the Mets propensity to play Jose Reyes anyway, you have to wonder why the team has not even publicly considered sending Rosario down. In Triple-A, he can work on the fundamentals he works so hard learning at the Major League level that he needs two days off per week.

The Mets refusal to go this route is made all the more curious when you consider the Mets went down this path with Michael Conforto in 2016.

As if his struggling in nearly every aspect of his game isn’t enough, the team is now contemplating making him the center fielder next year.  That decision is made all the more pecuilar when you consider Rosario’s offense isn’t really better than Juan Lagares‘, and there is not much of a chance Rosario is going to be anywhere near the fielder Lagares is in center.

3.  Perfectly Encapsulating the Mets Offseason

Much has been made over just how poor the Mets last offseason had been. Looking over this series, we may have finally found a way to describe just how bad it’s been. With Dilson Herrera homering on Tuesday, he now has more homers at Citi Field this season than Jay Bruce has all year.

In 28 plate appearances, Herrera has just one fewer home run than Bruce had in 62 games.

Of course, this is notable as Herrera was the big prospect sent to the Reds in 2016 when the Mets originally acquired Bruce. Since that time, both players have had their injury issues with Herrera being the only one between the two able to step foot on the field right now.


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