3 Up, 3 Down: Mets Can’t Lose A Series

3 UP

1. We Demand McNeil

While the Mets season was floundering and fans were demanding Jeff McNeil, we heard things how the Mets didn’t quite believe in him to they couldn’t call him up because he was only a second baseman.  Seeing McNeil play at the Major League level, you have to wonder what is wrong with the Mets that they can’t properly evaluate their own talent.

Through 29 games, McNeil is hitting .330/.387/.485 with a 139 wRC+.

He currently has an eight-game hitting streak. He had a streak where he had a hit in eight straight at-bats. He’s the first Mets rookie to have three three-hit games in his first 27 games. Two of those games were four hit games.

He’s also improving defensively. Overall, it’s clear the Mets have found their 2019 starting second baseman.  It’s a real shame the team did not see this sooner.

2. Frazier Grinding

Since coming off the disabled list, Todd Frazier looks like the player the Mets believed they were getting when they signed him in free agency. Over his last 21 games, he is hitting .280/.345/.507, and he became the first Mets player to homer against Bumgarner at Citi Field.

Overall, with this recent streak, there may be an outside shot a contending team in need of a corner infielder looks to grab him before the end of the month. If not, the Mets may have a player who can be part of the answer next year as the team looks to build a roster which can compete next year.

3.  Mets Still Have Fire

More than anything, the one thing which stood out from yesterday’s game was how awful Tony Randazzo’s strikezone was. Things were so bad affable players like Jacob deGrom and Wilmer Flores complained about the strike zone.  They complained for good reason too because the bad calls they received did in fact help alter the outcome of the game.

When asked about this during the postgame, Mickey Callaway would say he liked the fire both players exhibited. The Mets still fighting this late in a lost season is a testament to Callaway.

In the second half of the season, the Mets have the third most runs scored in the majors. They have not lost their past five series, and they have a 17-16 record in the second half of the season.

Things could have fallen completely apart and been much worse than that nightmare of a June, but instead, Callaway has kept things together. He has the veterans playing hard and the young players improving.


1. Mesoraco Can’t Catch

Before departing yesterday’s game with a neck injury, Devin Mesoraco was seemingly doing all he could do to keep Jacob deGrom from getting the win.

While Tony Randazzo’s strikezone was erratic at best, Mesoraco did a very poor job of pitch framing. That has been a theme with him this year with Stat Corner rating his pitch framing at a -10.1. Worse than that was him whiffing on a ball leading to a run scoring from third.

It should come as no surprise Mesoraco was 0-for-1 in his lone plate appearance.  Overall, Mesoraco has just four hits in the entire month of August, and he is hitting .173/.279/.327 in the second half.

With these numbers, there is no wonder why the Mets are 19-41 when he catches and 37-30 when he hasn’t played a game for the Mets.

2.  Conforto/Bumgarner Narrative

Back in 2016, Michael Conforto was given an opportunity to face the left-handed Madison Bumgarner partially due to his hitting .365/.442/.676 to open the season.

In that game against Bumgarner, Conforto would go 0-for-5 with three strikeouts.  From there, Conforto would hit .174/.267/.330, and like the rest of us, he would look on as players like Eric Campbell, Ty Kelly, and James Loney would look to help the Mets win the Wild Card Game.

Looking back at that moment, we all know why Conforto’s 2016 season fell apart. No, not matter what the increasingly disappointing Gary, Keith, and Ron will tell you, it was not because of Bumgarner.

Conforto hurt his wrist in 2016.  It was an injury severe enough to require cortisone shots. Ultimately, that’s why he struggled. It wasn’t Bumgarner at all. That narrative was ridiculous, and it needs to die.

3. Ownership Accountability

When the Washington Nationals finally faced facts and traded away Daniel Murphy and Matt Adams, ownership wrote an open letter to fans to explain why the trades were made and to assure the fans they are not going to rebuild. Again, ownership came forward, explained why they did what they did, and they set forward a clear direction for the organization going forward.

This is coming from a Nationals organization which has always tried to do all they could do to win the World Series. They brought in players like Max Scherzer and Murphy. They extended Stephen Strasburg. They are always aggressive in the offseason and trade deadline to help sure up their roster to make it a contender.

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