Sherman: Syndergaard Trade To Contender Not Likely Before Deadline

Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote an article this morning detailing his belief that the Mets are ignoring the harsh reality of a long rebuild ahead of them.

That being said, the focus of this article is more so about an interesting tidbit he left in his own regarding the ability to trade Noah Syndergaard and how his trade value stacks up near the deadline.

“The Mets have been smartly cautious with the righty, who probably was ready to pitch a week ago, maybe more. Now, he can make maybe four starts before the deadline. I asked executives for four contenders if that was enough to get the Mets full value for a pitcher that talented and just one said yes and with the proviso, ‘He’d have to look totally like himself and we would have to do an unreal deep dive into his medicals.'”

That point right there is a big reason the Mets have almost no shot of dealing the right-hander, even if they decide to do what Sherman proposes in the article.

The Mets simply will not get the value they want for the right-hander right now and with three years of control left after this one, there is no reason to force a trade of the 25-year old right now.

Could they revisit this idea in the offseason if he proves to be healthy? Of course. Right now it just simply doesn’t make sense to trade the right-hander.

At this point, what they should hope for is for him to simply come back healthy as soon as possible so he can get back on the mound and perform. That will either give them the option to trade Syndergaard at some point or keep them for their own use.

Either way, the focus should be on his health, not on where his next destination may be. Syndergaard will make a rehab start for the Brooklyn Cyclones later this afternoon.

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