Olney: Minaya Will Have Input in Decision For Mets Next GM

The Mets general manager situation is in disarray right now with it being apparent that Sandy Alderson almost certainly will not rejoin the club this season and very likely will never re-assume the role with the team again.

As a result, the Mets are currently employing three people to be responsible for his duties, as John Ricco, Omar Minaya, and J.P. Ricciardi are all operating as co-general managers.

However, everyone involved knows that this is by no means a long-term solution to their predicament and that either one of the three or someone outside the organization will assume the position in full at some point in the next six months.

New York Yankees’ general manager, Brian Cashman intimated to David Lennon of Newsday that he favors one of three in particular, at least when it comes to negotiating with the Mets front office himself.

“I know Omar. I’ve met with Omar and I’ve done deals with Omar, so I’ll be calling because that’s the relationship. I’ll be dealing mostly with Omar, in my opinion.”

Lennon continues to note throughout the article, which is well worth reading, that the Wilpons tend to have an interest in familiarity, which he believes is a big part of the reason why the Mets brought back Minaya as a consultant last offseason in the first place.

He also agrees with a report from Buster Olney of ESPN in which he says that Omar Minaya, who was the team’s GM from 2004-2010, will be heavily involved in the hiring process of the next general manager, which he hears will be an external option.

Many for a while had assumed that John Ricco (the team’s assistant GM) was likely to be the heir to Sandy Alderson in the organization, but that appears to not be the case if the Mets choose to follow this path instead.

Ricco actually served as the interim GM in 2010 after the Mets fired Omar Minaya to bridge the gap to Sandy Alderson.

No candidates, outside of the three currently employed by the Mets, were specifically mentioned for the job in Olney’s report or Lennon’s article, but they appear to both agree that Minaya will have a say in determining who will be in charge next.

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