Eight Potential Mets GM Candidates

Mark Feinsand of MLB.com wrote a fantastic article that is well worth reading yesterday detailing a list of eight candidates that could potentially take the GM role for the Mets next season, with Sandy Alderson no longer in command. Here are the candidates he listed and some tidbits of stuff he noted within that.

John Ricco

The first name on the list comes as no surprise. As we all know, he seems to be the point man right now, despite being a part of a three-headed monster of a GM position at the moment. The Wilpons are very fond of the Assistant GM who has been serving in that role since 2006. That being said, it has been reported that they do not particularly want to have him as the GM next season, so they will look externally most likely as a result.

David Stearns

In terms of a best-case scenario, the current GM of the Milwaukee Brewers would certainly qualify as that. Right now, his Brewers are sitting in first place in the NL Central with an NL-best 55-37 record. He also is the front-runner to win NL Executive of the Year as he added Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain this offseason.

Now the likelihood of this one happening is very slim as most teams don’t allow a successful 33-year old GM to leave the organization. However, it should be noted that Stearns grew up a Mets fan so it’s not the most out-there idea ever suggested by any stretch.

Jarred Porter

The next candidate highlighted by Feinsand was Jared Porter, who is currently serving as the Assistant GM of the Arizona Diamondbacks and has been there since November of 2016. And while his team is successful right now with a 51-41 record this season, he already has been a part of four championships as a key member of the front offices led by Theo Epstein with the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs.

Josh Byrnes

A former Diamondbacks front office member was also suggested by him, in Josh Byrnes. Just a reminder, in 2010, Byrnes was the other finalist for the Mets GM position when they hired Alderson instead. He’s served in the GM position not just with the D-Backs, but with the San Diego Padres as well. That experience and his previous familiarity with the Wilpons could give him a legitimate shot at the position.

Tim Naehring

Feinsand also suggests it could be worth looking within the state of New York, with the Yankees VP of Baseball Operations being an intriguing candidate. He would become only the second GM in the league currently to have also been a player, which would put him in an exclusive class with Jerry Dipoto. The fact that Dipoto’s Seattle Mariners have been very successful this year could make that very intriguing, though.

However, there is a very good chance that he would not leave the organization being that he has spent more than a decade with the organization, as Feinsand notes, along with the fact that he is very trusted by Brian Cashman.

Ben Cherington 

This is probably the retread option of the group as this would really be going with a safe pick, somewhat like Byrnes, that really would not stand out in any way. While he was successful in constructing the 2013 Boston Red Sox World Series team, he was replaced in 2015 with Dave Dombrowski with his teams after the fact being at the bottom of the pack and sellers for back-to-back years at the MLB Trade Deadline. Currently, Cherington is serving as VP of Baseball Operations with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Jason McLeod

As Feinsand notes, Mcleod has been with the Chicago Cubs under Theo Epstein since 2011 as the organization’s Senior VP of Player Development and Amateur Scouting. He is responsible for the selections of some of the team’s core as Kris Bryant, Albert Almora Jr., and Kyle Schwarber were selected with him in command.

That being said, he could be difficult to pry as he is in the midst of a contract extension that doesn’t expire until 2021.

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