Cespedes Will Visit a Foot Specialist and Dr. Altchek This Week

The Cuban slugger will consider surgery on his heels, which he says has a recovery time of 8-10 months

According to Matt Ehalt of the Record, Mets’ outfielder Yoenis Cespedes will visit a foot specialist as well as Dr. David Altchek this week as he considers surgery on the calcification in his heels.

Co-general manager John Ricco acknowledged that the Mets knew Cespedes had a heel issue when they traded for him and re-signed him. It was in his medical report, Ricco said prior to Monday’s game.

Cespedes, 32, returned from the disabled list Friday and DH’ed in the Mets 7-5 win over the Yankees, hitting a home run in his return.

However, after the game, Cespedes revealed that he had calcification in his heels, which has plagued him all season. He added that the only solution was surgery, which could sideline him 8-10 months.

Cespedes told manager Mickey Callaway on Friday during the game that his heels were “on fire,” but Callaway came to Yankee Stadium Saturday with no knowledge of the potential surgery the outfielder mentioned postgame.

Following this, co-general manager John Ricco dismissed the idea of a surgery, calling it an extreme solution to the issue Cespedes is dealing with.

Despite the lack of communication and the different takes, Cespedes and the Mets will now have better clarity on the injury and what the next step is in the next few days.

ESPN did an extensive report on Cespedes’s injury and what it could mean for his future. The article is highly recommended and can be found here.

Cespedes is signed through the 2020 season and has $60 million left on his contract.

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