Backman: Don’t Give Up On This Pitching Staff Long-Term

Wally Backman went on WOR 710 radio to speak with Sal Licata about the state of the New York Mets and his thoughts on the organization as a whole. It’s well worth a listen, but there were a few points of note that I’ll touch upon here.

For starters, he said that the team really shouldn’t give up on this pitching staff yet, despite the team residing at the bottom of the National League.

“I would hope that the Mets don’t give up on what they might have. You know I still think they have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball. That’s what they have.”

Backman also said that he, Jacob deGrom, is simply not the type of guy the team can get rid of and compared him to Tom Seaver.

“He is simply the type of guy you can’t get rid of. Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, and Steven Matz: I think that is the base you have to build on.”

So clearly he’s in the camp, as are most Mets fans, that deGrom is off limits and that if the Mets have any chance of winning, it will take him as well as Syndergaard and Matz to get there.

However, the former Mets infielder went on to say that there is something going very wrong at the minor league level right now, but is unsure why.

“They have pitching. They have that at the major league level. At the minor league level, the development has not been real good obviously.”

“I remember looking back at the minor league team at the beginning of 2017 and saying, ‘this team might win 95 games in a 140 games schedule’ and it was totally the opposite so I really don’t know what happened.”

“I know Alderson made a statement that players weren’t ready to come to the big leagues and why? I don’t know, I wasn’t there. It’s just unfortunate because when I was there, I thought some of those guys really had a chance to be somebody and I don’t know if it’s because of development or whatever, but there were a few players I thought had quite a future in front of them.”

Whatever the case, it hasn’t worked out to this point, but Backman said that he’s rooting for this team and these players to figure it out, having coached most of them back in 2015.

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