Tim Tebow in a Groove at Binghamton

Photo By Logan Barer/MMO

Early in this season, I was asked if Tim Tebow would post an OPS higher than .650 in Binghamton to which I said no. I don’t think that was crazy seeing as how he hit a combined .226/.309/.347 and struck out 126 times in 486 plate appearances during the 2017 season.

That being said, Tebow is hitting .251/.329/.394 this season and coming into yesterday, he was hitting .293/.339/.448 in the month of June. The downside is he has a BABIP of .411 and is striking out roughly 38% of the time. But, he is still finding a way to get it done. His wRC+ is 108 which means he is roughly eight percent above the league average.

I highly doubt Tebow will keep this up, but he might warrant himself a promotion to Las Vegas and maybe a non-competitive Mets team calls him up in September to sell some tickets. I don’t think his major league stint will go particularly well nor do I think it will last into next season. However, the team probably will need something to get fans to come out and watch them in the final month of the 2018 season.

At this point, I feel comfortable in suggesting that Tim Tebow will make more starts for the Mets than he did for the Jets.

Joking aside, props to Tim for working really hard and making it this far. I would have never imagined he would be even this remotely successful at this level.

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