Ricco: Mets Will Look To Be Active At Trade Deadline

The Mets are operating today differently than how they have been for the last sevens seasons: with a three-man front office led by John Ricco, Omar Minaya, and J.P. Ricciardi instead.

With only a month until the MLB Trade Deadline, the Mets are going to have to quickly decide how they would like to proceed and will have to answers sooner rather than later.

Ricco spoke to the press before today’s game at Citi Field as the presumptive spokesperson of the three-man GM situation and didn’t give any specifics, but said that the team is “looking to be active.”

The assistant GM did offer up a new take as compared to the one Sandy Alderson was previously giving, though.

“They’ve asked us to take a step back and maybe think outside the box a little bit. It truly will be all three of us kind of working at it together.”

“You can always step back and think of, ‘We’ve been trying it this way. How about we try another approach?’ You don’t have to be a different person to do that. Omar has come back in, so he provides a little bit of a different point of view. I don’t think it’s that difficult. We each all do that in our daily lives: Step back and look at something from a different angle than you have been looking at in the past.”

Unsurprisingly at this stage, the team isn’t ruling out a trade of either Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard.

“We’re going to talk about that. We just got into this. Sandy was on the record with one point of view. We’ll get together and discuss it. Obviously, they’re two huge pieces for us. For me, everything has to be on the table but you have to look long and hard before you move a game-changing top-of-the-rotation pitcher.”

Obviously, there’s nothing necessarily new to report from that, but with a new regime in place comes with the potential of some new ideas. It’s worth keeping an eye on for a team that entered tonight with a 32-45 record, making them a clear seller with some assets at their disposal.

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