Most Memorable Subway Series Moments

The Subway Series began in 1997 with one of the most memorable moments to date with New York Mets right-hander Dave Mlicki throwing a complete game shutout against the New York Yankees on June 16.

Overall, the Mets and Yankees have played 117 games with the Bronx Bombers dominating the series with 70 victories including four of them in the 2000 World Series.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more unforgettable things to happen during the Subway Series.

An Unlikey Trip Around the Bases

Mets left-handed reliever Dae-Sung Koo came up to the plate on May 21, 2005 against Randy Johnson with one professional at-bat, a strikeout on four pitches five days prior without the bat moving from his shoulder.

Koo blasted a double (just as broadcaster Tim McCarver was saying it was biggest give up at-batof season) to center field off the Big Unit. A 21-year-old Jose Reyes laid down a sac bunt to move Koo over to third base, but that’s not where he stopped. Koo decided to dash home with the catcher vacating homeplate to try field the bunt and Johnson not covering.

Jorge Posada got the throw back and dove to tag Koo but he was too late and Dae-Sung score from second base on a bunt fielded by the catcher.

Franco Ends The Streak

The Yankees had won 124 straight games when they led after 8 innings until July 10, 1999. Pinch hitter extroadaire Matt Franco came to the plate after the Yankees intentionally walked Mike Piazza to load the bases with two outs in the bottom of the ninth and Mariano Rivera looking to hold onto a 8-7 lead.

Franco, down 1-2 in the count, lined a single to right field that scored Rickey Henderson and Edgardo Alfonzo to give the Mets a 9-8 walk-off victory.

Earlier in the game with the Mets down 6-4, Piazza hit a massive three-run homer to give the Mets 7-6  lead in the seventh inning.

Estes Gets Different Kind of Revenge

You can’t talk about the Subway Series without mentioning the trio of Mike Piazza, Roger Clemens and Shawn Estes.

The play that began the connection of the three came on July 8, 2000 when Clemens hit Piazza in the head and the Mets catcher had to leave the game for a pinch runner.

Later that season, in Game Two of the 2000 World Series, Piazza broke his bat against Clemens with a piece of it ending up near the pitchers mound. Clemens picked up the shard of wood and threw it directly in front of Piazza on his way up the first base line.

Almost two years later in June of the 2012 season, Clemens was pitching against the Mets again. Clemens came to the plate at Shea Stadium in the top of the third inning and Estes threw a pitch a foot behind him which led to the umpires warning both teams.

Estes and the Mets would get their revenge in a different way though, in the bottom of the fifth inning he launched a two-run homer off Clemens with the great Gary Cohen saying, “Take that Roger Clemens.” Piazza would homer the next inning and the Mets sent Clemens to the showers after only 5.2 innings and four runs allowed.

Wright Gets Mo

Matt Franco wasn’t the only player that handed the Mets a walk-off win with a hit off the Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera, next up was David Wright.

On May 19, 2006 the Mets were tied with the Yankees at 6-6 headed to the bottom of the ninth inning at Shea Stadium with Rivera coming into the game.

After a Jose Reyes popout, Paul Lo Duca doubled to get the winning run in scoring position. Carlos Beltran struck out and Carlos Delgado was intentionally walked to bring Wright to the plate with the winning run on second base.

With the count 2-2, Wright launched a ball that one-hopped the center field fence scoring Lo Duca to win the game 7-6. It wasn’t the final walk-off the Mets had against Rivera, Lucas Duda got him with a single in 2013 at Citi Field.

There have been a ton of other memorable moments including the previously mentioned Mlicki shutout, the Mets sweeping Yankees in 2013, Delgado setting franchise record with a nine-RBI game, a Ty Wigginton two-homer game including a game-winner and unfortunately the dropped popup from Luis Castillo.

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