MMO Mailbag: What Happens From Here?

With the Mets scuffling and seemingly falling apart, the focus on the questions related to what is in store for the Mets for the rest of this season, and what happens with two key figures in the Mets organization

Bail4Nails asks . . .

Does the front office really think this team can make the playoffs and potentially win a World Series?

I know it’s a long Met season, where even 2015 had the most dramatically embarrassing lows at times. But does anyone really think that this team “when healthy”  can actually win a World Series?! I’m desperately looking for a ray of hope, but almost everything about this Organization is pretty awful right now.

John S. replies . . .

As for what the Mets think of this roster, it may or may not be dispositive, but as of right now, the Mets have zero intention to sell.

In fact, on that topic, Sandy Alderson told Bob Nightengale of USA Today this:

“I’m as optimistic at this point of the season as I’ve been the last couple of years. We had challenges in 2016 and ended up in the playoffs. We had challenges last year, and didn’t overcome them. I think this year we’ll overcome them.’’

This can be smoke and mirrors from Sandy, but there’s some validity to his statement.

The starting pitching has been MUCH better of late. This has allowed Seth Lugo to go back to a bullpen which suddenly looks formidable with Anthony Swarzakcoming off the disabled list.

Ultimately, the issue is going to be the offense, which should be better than this, even without Yoenis Cespedes.

Maybe it eventually will as this team gets healthier and a little luckier. Then again, the Mets did just manage one run on three hits against a putrid Orioles team.

Whatever the case, the Mets are pretty much forced to roll the dice because there is a real paucity of tradeable assets. Basically, it’s just Jeurys Familia.

And for those who want to mention Jacob deGrom, comparing the teams in contention to the top farm systems and teams the Mets would be willing to strike a deal, it seems like there’s no room for the Mets to deal him mid-season.

As an aside, based on how Sandy Alderson performed in his trading of the Mets assets, I don’t trust him to make an in-season deal to move deGrom.

Like it or not, the Mets are what they are, and as fans, we just have to hope and pray for another 12-2 type stretch.

Mr. Belvedere asks . . .

Will John Ricco be the next Mets GM?

John S. replies . . .

More so than any other year, it does seem the Mets are are going to have to face a future without Alderson as the GM soon.

On that front, before the season, on the prospect of Ricco potentially getting his job, Alderson said the following, as detailed by Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News:

“He’s very, I hate to use the word analytical, but very organized, he understands the field side as well as the office side. There is a tremendous respect among those working with the Mets and throughout baseball. I think John at some point will do a great job.”

Now, that’s not indicative of anything, but it is interesting that question was asked before the season, and Alderson answered it that way.

It does give some credence to the belief Ricco will be the successor.

That said, we’ve seen the stubborn loyalty the Wilpon Family has shown to both Terry Collins and Jose Reyes.

It has been said in the past that the Wilpons still hold Omar Minaya in high esteem, which potentially opens the door for him to get another shot as the team’s general manager. After all, it was “his prospects” who led the Mets to the 2015 pennant.

@orginalladymet asks . . .

I do not expect David Wright to be 100% ever again, but I am anticipating him playing.

How long would he spend playing rehab games in St. Lucie or elsewhere?

John S. replies . . .

Honestly, Wright is really a long way away. His baseball activities involve having a light catch in the outfield, and as that goes well, he will be able to field grounders hit right at him.

If there are no setbacks and everything breaks right, does this mean September? The 2019 season? There’s just no way of knowing right now.

No matter what the case, Wright has earned the chance to get back on the field even if it is for a few innings so we can all give him a proper goodbye.

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