MMO Mailbag: Are The Mets Really Going to Be Sellers?

Judging from Sandy Alderson’s comments yesterday and the general direction of the team, it’s only natural to question what the team should be doing at the trade deadline and beyond.

Mr. Belvedere asks . . .

Can Sandy Alderson save the season?

Antonio M asks . . .

Where do you see the best fit for dealing Wheeler or Matz, and what would be a fair return?

@Cuso_ says . . .

Right now, the Mets really need to start thinking about who they are going to trade come July.

John S. replies . . .

Right now, the Mets are seven games below .500, 9.5 games behind the Braves in the National League East, and they are 8.0 games behind the Nationals for the second Wild Card.

Noah Syndergaard went from starting on Sunday to having his finger re-examined.

Yoenis Cespedes went from a rehab assignment to reporting back to St. Lucie for further rehab.

Neither Syndergaard nor Cespedes have a timetable to return. Even with Mets starters having a 2.81 ERA this month, everything else around them is falling apart. In fact, the bullpen ERA is 5.27 over the same stretch, and the Mets have an MLB worst 14 runs scored in the month.

That’s not a fluke either as this team has an MLB worst .146 batting average, .227 OBP, .239 slugging, and 32 wRC+ over the same stretch.

The teams the Mets need to catch are getting further away. The players the Mets need to help pull them back in contention are in a state of limbo.

The players who are here now aren’t getting it done. Looking at everything, it seems obvious the Mets should sell at the trade deadline.

That’s obvious until you realize the Mets really have nothing to sell.

That’s especially the case when Sandy Alderson said, “Just because you tear it down doesn’t mean you’re going to have a great rebuild. It doesn’t work that way. It just doesn’t.”

Right off the bat, that means Jacob deGrom and Syndergaard are off the table. With them off the table, the Mets don’t have the pieces to re-stock the farm system to make this a quick turnaround.

It’s also likely this means the team won’t be looking to trade Zack Wheeler or Steven Matz unless they get bowled over.

Considering their respective injury histories and their inconsistencies, you really have to wonder what teams would be willing to give up to acquire them. Given the fact it cost the Mets two years, $16 million to acquire Jason Vargas, the team may feel its the better (and cheaper) option to hold onto their starters.

This leaves your trade assets as Jeurys Familia, Asdrubal Cabrera, and maybe Todd Frazier.

Assuming Familia is healthy and dominant when he comes off the DL, you have to really wonder how Alderson maximizes the return for him. After all, Alderson turned Addison Reed into a trio of Minor League right-handed relief prospects. That’s hardly franchise changing.

As for Cabrera, he’s ailing again, hitting .241/.277/.437 since April 24th, and has an MLB worst -10 DRS at second base. Does anyone really believe teams are going to be lining up with prospects of consequence to obtain him?

Really, there is a paucity if trade assets, at least the types that would help facilitate a rebuild. If that is the case, the answer is to stop messing around.

If you don’t want to trade deGrom, fine. Don’t. Give him a contract extension now. Set a clear course for the franchise.

And while you’re doing that stop messing around by having under-performing veterans on the team. Jose Reyes needs to go now. Put Cabrera on the DL, and call up Jeff McNeil. Find out what he is while also trying to salvage whatever trade value Cabrera can have.

Make P.J. Conlon a LOOGY. Call up Drew Smith and have him pitch out of the bullpen. While Syndergaard is on the DL, insert Chris Flexen or Corey Oswalt into the rotation.

If you’re not rebuilding, at least find out what you have. Maybe the prospects the Mets use can rejuvenate the team. Maybe they don’t.

In the end, it’s better to get a look at them than tread water with players who aren’t cutting it.

And if you’re not willing to do that, you really have to wonder about the talent acquired when they can’t out-perform players who are giving some of the worst performances there are in the majors this season.

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