Mets Should Play it Safe and DL Asdrubal Cabrera

In the final game of the Subway Series on Sunday, Asdrubal Cabrera tweaked his hamstring after not playing 100 percent for the last several weeks.

Prior to the weekend series with the Yankees, general manager Sandy Alderson lauded Cabrera for toughing it out and trotting out there everyday despite not being fully healthy.

“There’s a guy who’s playing,” Alderson said. “He’s not 100 percent. He’s playing. Oh my God, he needs a day off, he needs a week off. We have to put him on the disabled list. He’s playing. Will we lose him at some point? Maybe. Right now, we want to keep putting a winning team on the field.”

However, playing Cabrera through the injuries and putting a winning team on the field are two things inapposite of one another.

Back on April 25, Mickey Callaway held Cabrera out of the lineup because the second baseman was experiencing hamstring issues.

At that time, Cabrera was hitting .349/.391/.590, and he looked like an early season All-Star candidate for a 15-7 first place Mets team.

After skipping a game, Cabrera went 0-for-6 in a 13 inning loss to the Cardinals. That was the beginning of a stretch from April 26 to the present where he has hit .247/.287/.448.

It’s not just hit bat. Over the course of the season, Cabrera has been the worst defensive second baseman in baseball with a -10 DRS. While Cabrera has historically been poor at second, it’s also fair to say his leg injuries further hinder his ability to play the field.

With hamstring issues, and leg issues in general, they are tricky and will continue to linger, especially if a player starts regularly.

Playing Cabrera everyday isn’t helping him or his health long term, and right now, it’s not helping the Mets. It’s time the team considers calling up Jeff McNeil to let him play second.

The worst McNeil can do is not hit and be a butcher in the field. With how bad Jose Reyes has struggled, we can safely assume McNeil wouldn’t be a worse option right now. After all, in the Mets last game, Reyes both failed to step on second and threw the ball away allowing both runners to be safe.

If the Mets are serious about winning and fielding their best team, they need to have Cabrera healthy and playing, but right now he’s not healthy. It’s time to put him in the disabled list.

We have also seen the Mets keep players off the disabled list, only to go on it later than they should have because they tried to play through the injury and couldn’t.

Cabrera is a valuable asset to New York offensively when he’s healthy, so biting the bullet and getting him back to playing quality is needed. They shouldn’t waste time.

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