Mets Matters: Things Better Left Unsaid

After wallowing in my misery and frustration for about an hour, after last night’s train wreck at Citi Field, I drudged up the energy to check my Twitter feed and commiserate with my fellow dejected fans.  After Friday night’s 4-1 loss to the Yankees, the Mets have now lost 12 of their last 14 games, including seven straight defeats, and even worse, nine straight losses at home. What a joke…

If you thought the return of Todd Frazier was going to revitalize the offense at least a little, he hasn’t made a dent yet. The not-so-Amazins have scored just three runs in their last 51.0 innings and have been held to one run or fewer in FIVE consecutive games. How awful is that? Pretty freaking awful… It’s tied for the longest such streak in franchise history, matching the 1964 Mets. That team was called the lovable losers, but there’s nothing lovable about this Mets team right now.

What sickens me most about the last few weeks is that over their last 19 games, Mets starters have a 2.35 ERA and that even if we averaged three runs per game – which is still below league average – the Mets could have gone an astonishing 16-3 in that span instead of 5-14.

A couple of quotes caught my attention last night, the first being something that hard-luck loser Jacob deGrom said after the game. “I made a mistake and lost us the ballgame.” That’s what accountability looks like my friends. Jake was pretty tough on himself and shouldered most of the blame, but honestly, he has nothing to be ashamed of because in my book he’s got more guts and guile than anybody in that clubhouse.

DeGrom’s a fierce competitor that truly cares about winning and he always conducts himself like a pro. You won’t ever see him smashing his helmet to the ground, flinging his glove against the wall, or knocking over thermoses in the dugout when things go awry, like his rotation-mates do. DeGrom is too classy for that. Let me tell you something… Rebuild or no rebuild, if the Mets trade deGrom they’ll be committing organizational suicide. For once do something right and give him an extension instead. He’s earned it.

Mickey Callaway didn’t make any bad moves during the game so I’m not gonna second guess him like I usually do. But man, he often says a lot of stupid or baffling things during those pressers, and he frequently leaves me scratching my head and looking like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate after Mrs. Robinson took everything off and seduced him.

Poor Mickey is all out of cliches to explain the team’s offensive futility. “They’re pressing too hard.” “We have to start grinding” “The guys have to start working on the little things.” “We have to dig ourselves out of this funk.” “They’re expanding the strike zone and we’re chasing too much.”  You get the picture.

But last night, the new Mets skipper was fresh out of excuses and he almost looked defeated after the game. Asked about what went wrong this time, Callaway paused, sighed, and matter of factly said, “What’s there to say. They basically pitched a shutout against us after the first inning.”

Yep… They sure did.

Finally, I was ready to sign off for the night when someone posted a quote from Yoenis Cespedes, who played in his first rehab game Friday night for Double-A Binghamton and went 0-for-2 before being removed in the sixth inning.

Cespedes has avoided speaking to the media for nearly two months while he tries to come back from a hip flexor strain. He finally spoke to reporters after his game, feeling good about his progress and how well his hip had responded. But then he said this:

“I’m working very hard to get back and help the team get on the winning track,” Cespedes said through an interpreter. “For the way the team is playing right now, even if I’m doing very well, if the team remains playing this way, I don’t think it’s going to help, but I’m eager to get back.”

Yikes… I’m sure that’s exactly what the team, his teammates, and us fans wanted to hear from our $30 million dollar a year slugger. You know what Yo? Go back to your media blackout. Please.

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