Neon Moment of the Week: Conforto’s Game Winning Home Run

Friday night was shaping up to be yet another in the long line of frustrating Mets losses.

The team was unable to muster up any offense having scored zero runs in the first 8.1 innings, and the Mets were just two outs away from being shut out for the fourth time this season. More than that, a Mets team which jumped out of the gate and sped to 10 games over .500 were on the verge of falling to .500.

Unlike what we’ve seen recently, the Mets showed some life beginning with Wilmer Flores hitting a 1-2 pitch from Hector Neris for a single. That made Michael Conforto the tying run.  Last year, before the shoulder injury, this would get you excited.

Not this year. Conforto had not hit a homer since his first game off the disabled list, and heading into the game, he was only sluggling .330. Basically, he was more Juan Lagares than Michael Conforto at the plate.

In a brief flash, you forgot all of that as Conforto launched one towards the right field foul pole.  With this blast, the Mets seemed to do the impossible. They were going to hit a late inning homer and get a key hit for the first time since maybe April.

Except it went foul.

It was deflating, and you were left hoping that Conforto could maybe find his way on base because very rarely do players follow a foul homer with a real homer. But that’s what Conforto did.  It shocked us all, and it gave the Mets not just a lead, but a jolt.  That jolt came in the form of Devin Mesoraco homering on the very next pitch giving the Mets a 3-1 lead.

There haven’t been many big moments with the Mets of late, but this was definitely a big one.  No, it did not carry into Sunday after Saturday’s game was rained out. However, it still was a sign this team has life in it, and more than that, it’s an indication that Conforto’s shoulder may not be hindering him from being the hitter he showed us he could be last year.

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