3 Up, 3 Down: Mets Haven’t Won In Over A Week

3 UP

1. Matz Finally with a Good Start

When Nolan Arenado hit a ball right into the Home Run Apple, there was a sense of dread that Steven Matz was in line for yet another poor start.

Entering that game, Matz was 1-2 with a 4.98 ERA, 77 ERA+, 5.45 FIP, 4.2 BB/9, and a 2.1 HR/9. Basically, if Matz was’t walking a batter, he was allowing a hard hit ball somewhere, and often that somewhere was over the fence. This is a big reason why Matz was averaging 4.1 innings per start.

Well, against a Colorado Rockies team with the most homers in the National League, Matz would settle in and have his best start of the season. He pitched six innings allowing just the one run on three hits, walking just one while striking out five. He did all he could do to give him team a chance to win.

That’s not something he hasn’t done most of this season, and it’s something most of this Mets starting rotation is struggling to do.  In many ways, both Matz and the Mets needed this start from him, and they need this to be the start of Matz turning the corner.

2. The Outfield Arms

For some reason teams will never learn. They continue to run on Yoenis Cespedes, and they continue to make outs on the bases. The latest was Saturday when Cespedes nailed Noel Cuevas at the plate to help keep the score close at 2-0.

Somehow, even with everyone knowing how great his arms is, teams run on him, which has contributed to him leading the Majors in outfield assists.

Cespedes is not the only Mets outfielder who could make an impact with his arm. In this series, Brandon Nimmo and Juan Lagares would record outfielder assists as well. These assists were all part of a Mets outfield which has recorded the fourth most outfield assists in the National League.

3. Ramos Pitching Much Better

If you are left with the impression AJ Ramos has not had a good season, it is probably because he was front and center of the Mets bullpen’s two biggest losses thus far in 2018. In those games, his biggest issue, walks, was apparent. It should be noted those are the only appearances he has made where he has walked more than one batter.

Actually, Ramos is in the middle of a five appearance stretch where he has not issued a walk. In fact, during this stretch, Ramos has allowed just two hits and no earned runs while striking out five.

Overall, Ramos has not allowed a run in 16 of his 18 appearances. In fact, he has surrendered a hit in just three of his appearances. He’s getting stronger and throwing more strikes, thus becoming a more potent weapon out of the bullpen.


1. End of an Era

Little did Mets fans know that when the 2015 World Series ended, we really saw the last of Matt Harvey. Sure, he’s pitched since that fateful game, but that was not the Harvey we knew and came to love.

Harvey’s Mets career is now officially over. Sure, there may be animosity on either side, and from some fans, but this was arguably the best thing for all parties.

No matter what Mets fans felt about him over the past few seasons, it doesn’t change how incredibly sad it is to see a once great player completely lose it due to first Tommy John and then Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

In 2013, Harvey got Mets fans excited this team could actually turn things around and go to the World Series. In 2015, he was an important part of a Mets team that actually did go to the World Series.

Hopefully, as time goes on, we will forget the issues present over the past few years, and we will instead focus on all the great things he did in a Mets uniform.

2. Things Are Only Getting Worse

After getting swept by the Braves, the Mets followed it up by getting swept by the Rockies. As a result, this team has not won a game in over a week, and they have lost five out of their last six series. The team who started the season 12-2 with the best record in the National League is now 17-15 and in third place in the NL East.

Like most times when it’s at its darkest, it’s hard to see how things are going to get better for the Mets.

After dodging one serious injury, Cespedes is once again dealing with a right quad issue which will presumably cost him at least a few games.

The team did not use designating Harvey for assignment was an opportunity to clean house. Rather, Adrian Gonzalez and Jose Reyes remain on this team and continue to both under-produce while blocking more talented players.

The catching situation remains a disaster, and the Mets do not seem inclined to improve it, which is all the more embarrassing when you consider the Giants, who may just have the best catcher in baseball in Buster Posey, signed Ryan Hanigan and made a trade for Tanner Murphy.

Michael Conforto has not only stopped hitting for power, but he has stopped hitting all together.

It’s now at the point when they do something right, they still make a mistake. Putting Jacob deGrom on the disabled list was the right move to protect him and his season. However, the Mets failed to truly plan for this contingency by not having their preferred starter, Corey Oswalt, lined up to make the start on regular rest. Instead, they will be going with P.J. Conlon, a pitcher who is not only struggling with Las Vegas, but is also seen by the organization as a future reliever.

Between all of that and Noah Syndergaard really not pitching like Noah Syndergaard all year, you are left wondering how things are going to get better.

Long story short, this team has been outscored upon this season and is 20th in the Majors in both wRC+ (94) and FIP (3.93).

3. Home Is Where the Loss Is

With six straight losses, and the Mets losing nine of their last 11 at home, the Mets are now 7-9 at home.

Against the division, the Mets are 3-5 at Citi Field.

Simply put, the Mets are not taking care of their business at home. Therefore, it should come as little surprise this team has almost completely whittled away their early season cushion, and they now stand in third place in a suddenly deeper and much more talented National League East.

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