3 Up, 3 Down: Mets Fail deGrom, Lose Series

3 UP

1.  LuGOAT

With last night’s scoreless appearance, Seth Lugo has extended his scoreless streak to 15.0 innings.  Overall, in the Month of May, Lugo has a 0.00 ERA, 0.60 WHIP, and a 9.6 K/9.  Simply put, he has been the most dominating reliever in all of baseball during this month.

This is why there are renewed calls for Lugo to join the starting rotation, and he will soon get a spot start which will only help further that argument. Given what we have seen from the Mets rotation you could understand why, but at the same time it leads you to question whether the team could really afford to not have him in the bullpen.

2.  Nimmo Named Leadoff Hitter

One of the fears which came out of the Mets signing Bautista was it was going to force Brandon Nimmo to the bench.  Those fears were alleviated when Mickey Callaway announced Nimmo was not going to sit, even against left-handed pitching.

In fact, Nimmo is now going to be penciled in as the team’s leadoff hitter on a game-in and game-out basis.

Certainly, with his ability to get on base and his constant hustle, he has earned the nod.  He would also rewarded his manager’s faith in him by hitting a homer in yesterday’s game.

3.  Gonzalez Hitting

Right now, there aren’t many Mets who are hitting, but surprisingly, one of them is Adrian Gonzalez.  In the series, he was 3-for-7 with a double and two walks.  This stretch was a continuation of his May where he has hit .319/.385/.468 with a double, two homers, and three RBI.

Part of this has been Callaway being more judicious on how he uses Gonzalez.  He is giving him days off here and there, and he is keeping him away from left-handed pitching.  A nice result of that is Callaway gives himself a potent bat to pinch hit late in games, which is an area Gonzalez is performing quite well.

So far, Gonzalez is 3-for-4 with two runs, a double, two RBI, and a walk in his five pinch hitting attempts.


1.  Mets Failing Jake

Once again, Jacob deGrom was about as good as you can be. Over seven shutout innings, he allowed just four hits and two walks while striking out eight.

There will some who will want to refute this point, but deGrom is right now the best pitcher in the National League. He leads the league in ERA, WAR (for pitchers), ERA+, and adjusted pitching runs. He’s second in FIP. He’s been legitimately great.

And yet, the Mets lost the game, and are now just 5-5 in games he has started. That’s criminal, and it’s an indictment on what is and has become a bad offensive and defensive club.

2. Losing a Series to the Marlins

The Mets were coming off a series sweep of the Diamondbacks, and they were in position to stretch that three game winning streak into a six game one.  After all, they were facing a Quadruple-A Miami Marlins team who is last in the majors in runs scored with an NL worst 4.92 ERA.

Naturally, because the Mets offense is inept, and their defense is poor, they lost two out of three to the Marlins.

Now, this may be a point where people may want to pile on Jeurys Familia, a man with a 2.35 ERA and an 11.0 K/9.  Yes, he should have closed the door, but really, it should not have come to that.  These all should have been blowouts.

Instead, the Mets scored just four total runs in this series.  Make this all you want about their inability to hit left-handed pitching.  It’s not that right now.  They’re just inept against all pitching at the moment.

3.  Sandy’s Farm System

There is no more ringing indictment of the farm system Sandy Alderson has assembled than the Mets need to go out and sign Jose Bautista, a recently released 37-year-old player who has not been good since 2016.

Yes, Sandy tried to mitigate it by having five Major League caliber starting outfielders on the roster. It didn’t help that Bryce Brentz got hurt, but really, when Brentz’s injury completely decimates your MLB ready right-handed outfield options, your minor leauge outfield farm depth is shallower than a puddle.

None of the outfielders the Mets have drafted have panned out, especially 2015 second round pick Desmond Lindsay. After Lindsay, you’d be hard-pressed to name one right-handed hitting outfield in the Mets farm system who could one day play in the majors, even as a fourth outfielder.

Maybe, you can’t blame Sandy for the injuries even if the organization completely mishandled a Yoenis Cespedes injury again.  However, you can blame him for failing to even identify one decent right-handed hitting outfield draft pick or prospect in any one of his drafts or international signings.  Really, to completely miss like that for almost eight years now is astounding.

Note: For the time being, there is going to be a moratorium on including Jose Reyes in the 3 Down feature. We are all aware how poorly he is performing in all aspects of his game and how much that has hurt the team.  That said, it is now abundantly clear the team is not going to do anything about it because ownership loves him. Instead, we are going to have to continue to watch him struggle until he either figures it out, or he helps drag the Mets season down with him while Nelson Figueroa and most of SNY look to find ways to compliment him in saying things like how he’s accountable to the media and excusing away errors by saying he’s playing out of position.


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