This Clubhouse Has a Different Feel to It

Ken Davidoff of the New York Post got to speak with multiple players about the clubhouse situation going into the 2018 season. The article is definitely worth a read as I am only going to touch on a few of the things that were said.

For starters, David Wright discussed what he believes his role can and should be in the clubhouse.

“I think for me, I’m certainly here if anybody has questions. I’m here for some of the younger guys, or for some of the guys playing in New York for the first time. But I think your role is fairly minimal when it comes to not being on the field and being out there grinding with the guys. I think that’s kind of how you earn that respect.”

So, unfortunately, his inability to play limits the role he can have with the team, but it is good to hear that he will be there at least as a mentor.

He clearly wants to be there with the team and mentor the younger guys by being able to talk with them more. However, his leadership might take form in another way.

What do I mean?

I mean his leadership might be more so by his actions than by what he says. Wright is going to try to go through very harsh rehab for his back throughout this season, and that shows some sense of heart and determination.

Other players will admire him for that and, most of all, look at him with the understanding that if he can fight the way he does to get back on the field, then they should be fighting twice as hard to produce while their bodies are not compromising their abilities.

Jay Bruce went on to discuss how the team needs to proceed into the season.

“I think it is a blank slate in the sense that this game tends to demand a very short memory… 2017 was a failure. It was just a failure. We didn’t play well. That’s kind of who we are right now. We’re the 2017 Mets who won [70] games. Is it fair? I don’t really care. I couldn’t care less. There’s no fair. There’s no unfair. There’s just do. Or do not.”

Essentially what he is saying is that the team cannot focus on how they are viewed or what their identity is. They need to just go out there and work as hard as they can to shed their previous identity of a 70 win team that they were in 2017.

The Mets, as a whole, cannot dwell on last year. They need to go into the year with a new mindset and shed that identity that was given to them.

Lastly, Todd Frazier furthers Bruce’s statement with his own.

“I think we’ve got a good culture, a steady group of guys that understand it’s go-time now.”

This team needs to be all business and that appears to be exactly what they plan to come out of the gates doing. The 2018 Mets are going to be all about going out on the field and performing as a cohesive unit.

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