MMO’s Final Four Predictions

With Matt Harvey being a former Tar Heel, and David Wright‘s brother having been a student at Virginia Tech, this Mets team has connections to the NCAA Tournament even if Todd Frazier (Rutgers) and Michael Conforto (Oregon) are looking for another team to root for this year.

Like the Mets players and all of you, our writers have filled out our brackets, and with games set to start imminently, our staff presents our Final Four Picks. The tourney kicks off Thursday at 12:15 p.m. with Rhode Island vs Oklahoma with the NCAA Championship game taking place on April 2.

John Sheridan – Villanova

Final Four: Arizona, Xavier, Villanova, Michigan State
Champion: Villanova Wildcats
Note: Onward Setonia!

Michael Mayer – North Carolina

Final Four: Tennessee, North Carolina, Villanova, Michigan State
Champion: North Carolina Tar Heels

Josh Finkelstein – Michigan

Final Four: Kentucky, Michigan, Wichita State, Duke
Champion: Michigan Wolverines

Tim Ryder – Villanova

Final Four: Arizona, Gonzaga, Villanova, Kansas
Champion: Villanova Wildcats

Jack Ramsey – Missouri

Final Four: Virginia, Missouri, Purdue, Kansas
Champion: Missouri Tigers

Dilip Sridhar – Villanova

Final Four: Arizona, Michigan, Villanova, Duke
Champion: Villanova Wildcats

Logan Barer – New York Mets

Final Four: Indians, Astros, Mets, Cubs
Champion: New York Mets
Note: This was Logan’s protest answer as he believes it’s only baseball season.

Jacob Resnick – Arizona

Final Four: Arizona, North Carolina, Villanova, Kansas
Champion: Arizona Wildcats

Roberto Correa – Florida State

Final Four: Kentucky, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Syracuse
Champion: Florida State Seminoles

President Obama – Michigan State

Final Four: Virginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Michigan State
Champion: Michigan State Spartans

Dick Vitale – Michigan State

Final Four: Virginia, Gonzaga, Villanova, Michigan State
Champion: Michigan State Spartans

Okay, so President Obama and Dick Vitale do not write for MMO, but it’s still fun to see how our staff’s picks stack up against the former President of the United States and a college basketball expert.  It will also fun to see how our picks stack up against our readers.  We look forward to seeing your picks in the comments section.

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