Dave Eiland: Catchers Will Lead the Discussion

Culture has been something that Mickey Callaway and his coaching staff have been trying to establish since they have arrived. There is one thing in particular, though, that they have in mind this year as detailed by James Wagner of the New York Times.

That plan involves the catchers, Kevin Plawecki and Travis d’Arnaud taking charge in team meetings. Dave Eiland says the following on the matter:

“I’ve told the catchers, I will never blame them for a pitcher giving up a hit or a certain pitch thrown. The only time I will get on the catcher is if they’re not prepared. But that’s not going to be an issue.”

“I’ll be there when they run the meeting, and if they miss something, I’ll speak up. But that’s part of the ownership we’re talking about.”

That is certainly a change from the past, as the Mets coaching staff used to run most of the meetings and even mapped out some of the team’s game plan in terms of calling pitches.

However, that appears to be changing somewhat and that is welcomed by d’Arnaud as he talks about here:

“It’ll help us learn the information better. Not only do we hear it, but we’ll have to say it. It’s two ways of remembering it.”

While, yes, he actually needs to be able to execute this during the season, he is right that this could be very beneficial. As some of my teachers have said in the past to me, sometimes you need to know the information well enough to teach it to someone else. If you can do that, it is clear you understand the material.

That is essentially the concept he is talking about. He will need to know the information enough to teach someone else about it. So, if he knows it enough to explain it to his teammates, he has clearly learned the “ins and outs” of the game plan.

Callaway also delved into the topic and said this about his expectations of the catching duo next year:

“We really have to hone our pitch selection. We’re really going to be looking to those two guys to take ownership of that and start getting guys to use their pitches the right way.”

While there will certainly be growing pains, this is a good thing for the two. It gives them some added responsibility, which can help them develop their leadership skills on-and-off the field.

The results will ultimately be what everyone cares about, but the willingness of the coaching staff to delegate some responsibility to the duo and the apparent acceptance of the new responsibility is a nice change of pace for the club going into the 2018 season.


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