Mets Look to Make Strong First Impressions on Callaway

The Mets may not have made a tremendous amount of changes to their on-field product this offseason. Their coaching staff, on the other hand is another story, and the players are trying to make a good first impression.

According to Kristie Ackert of the New York Post, new Mets skipper Mickey Callaway has been texting players this offseason, well in advance of pitchers and catchers, who reported Monday.

“Yeah, me and Mickey have been texting before, and then I met him today in person. But the vibe is good, man,” right-handed reliever AJ Ramos said. “He was just reaching out, just saying, ‘hey, how’s it going?’ Nothing instructional, nothing like that. Just how’s it going, man to man.

“I think that’s important, when you’re able to talk to your manager as a man and not just as a manager, you kind of have the same level. No one is trying to say you need to do this or that. We’re all on the same team, trying to get some wins, and I think that’s the vibe right now.”

Ramos’s battery mate, Travis d’Arnaud, got a taste of working with Callaway Monday.

“It’s new, a change, so far he’s been great,” d’Arnaud said of his first spring training with Callaway. “He’s a really laid-back guy, but when he needs to address something, you definitely can tell he means it.

“It’s awesome having him here and I am really looking forward to working with him.”

While there are a lot of familiar faces at camp, the team has a fresh vibe and is looking forward to a clean slate with Callaway. Many of the players have already been starting their workouts early, and have come into the Spring in better shape than last year.

It’s still early, but it’s great to see the early impact Callaway has had on his players. Hopefully, that same level of intensity and passion continues throughout Spring and into the season.

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