John Sickels’ Ranks His Top 20 Mets Prospects

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Over at, John Sickels announced his top 20 prospects in the New York Mets farm system. As you will see below, Sickels gives the majority of these prospects a C+ grade. To that end, Sickels joins other minor league analysts in his not being bullish on the Mets farm system:

No. 1 Andres Gimenez, SS
Grade: B/B+
MMO Rank: 1

No. 2 David Peterson, LHP
Grade: B/B+
MMO Rank: 2

No. 3 Peter Alonso, 1B
Grade B-/B
MMO Rank: 3

No. 4 Mark Vientos, SS/3B
Grade: B-
MMO Rank: 4

No. 5 Luis Guillorme, SS/2B
Grade: B-
MMO Rank: 10

No. 6 Thomas Szapucki, LHP
Grade: B-/C+
MMO Rank: 5

No. 7 Chris Flexen, RHP
Grade: B-/C+
MMO Rank: 7

No. 8 Marcos Molina, RHP
Grade: B-/C+
MMO Rank: 15

No. 9 Desmond Lindsay, OF
Grade: C+/B-
MMO Rank: 8

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No. 10 Tomas Nido, C
Grade: C+
MMO Rank: 9

No. 11 Corey Oswalt, RHP
Grade: C+
MMO Rank: 12

No. 12 David Thompson, 3B
Grade: C+
MMO Rank: 20

No. 13 Jamie Callahan, RHP
Grade: C+
MMO Rank: 30

No. 14 Tyler Bashlor, RHP
Grade: C+
MMO Rank: 14

No. 15 Gerson Bautista, RHP
Grade: C+
MMO Rank: 16

No. 16 Ronny Mauricio, SS
Grade: C+
MMO Rank: 11

No. 17 Jhoan Urena, 1B/3B/OF
Grade: C+
MMO Rank: 32

No. 18 Anthony Kay, LHP
Grade: C+
MMO Rank: 13

No. 19 Jordan Humphreys, RHP
Grade: C+
MMO Rank: 18

No. 20 Justin Dunn, RHP
Grade: C+
MMO Rank: 6

Comparing to the two lists, the main thing that stands out is the disparity between the Dunn rankings. Certainly, this can be attributed to Dunn’s poor season with Sickels noting his very disappointing season in his write-up.  There was also one key blurb mentioned by Sickels in his write-up on Dunn, “QUESTION MARK: disparity between stats and scouting.”  To that end, MMN certainly agrees as both see Dunn as a talented pitcher who needs to put it all together.

Overall, we look forward to all of the Mets minor league prospects trying to put it all together in their pursuit of making the Major Leagues.

Mike M. Adds

Couple of things I wanted to note on this list with the preface that every list is subjective and some people have favorites and other players they don’t like as much as others.

This list is the most bizarre one I’ve seen for the Mets current crop of prospects. Dunn being behind a group of relievers really sticks out to me despite his bad season. Guillorme all they way up to number five is off to me as well and I like him quite a bit. It is nice to see someone else that thinks highly of Thompson and his potential future.

Sickels is the second guru (Keith Law was first) to have Urena in the top 20 which is a little surprising given two basically lost years previous to 2017 for him. He did finally show he was fully healthy after dealing with two broken hamate bones. He has also shown the willingness to move around the field playing left field and right field last season.


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