Alderson Ponders Retirement, Endorses Ricco As His Replacement

Sandy Alderson went on SNY last night to talk on Baseball Night in New York, as detailed by Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News.

He revealed a few important things while he was on the program. One of those was who his eventual replacement could be as well as if he is currently debating the idea of retirement:

“Not at the moment. I recognize the season is winding down. There are a lot of great people here, John Ricco and so forth, who deserve an opportunity as well.”

When asked further on Ricco and if he could make a good GM, he had this response regarding his future in that role:

“I think absolutely John will. He’s very, I hate to use the word analytical, but very organized, he understands the field side as well as the office side. There is a tremendous respect among those working with the Mets and throughout baseball. I think John at some point will do a great job.”

Ricco has worked for the Mets since 2004 after previously working with MLB. He was subsequently promoted to his current Assistant GM position in 2006.

At one point, it appeared Paul DePodesta was ticketed to take over for Alderson once he retired, but he left the Mets organization to work for the Cleveland Browns in 2016.

Some other notable options do remain other than Ricco as former Mets GM, Omar Minaya was brought back this offseason and former-Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi still works for the team as well.

However, Ricco actually took over day-to-day operations briefly in 2015 and traded for Neil Walker and signed Asdrubal Cabrera while Alderson was undergoing cancer treatment.

Despite admitting consideration, Alderson did end off the show saying this about how imminent this may be:

“It’s something I think about from time to time. I will say this though throughout my career, never really focused on the next thing. I’ve always said to myself and I tell people; focus on the job you have now, it’s the most important job you will ever have. If you do it well, people will notice, it will lead to opportunities you never could imagine.”

“I have never been all that much self-directed, but when you turn 70, you do start to think about those things. I enjoy what I am doing and as long as I have the opportunity and as long as I am capable, I enjoy it.”

So, all in all, while he has thought about it he has not necessarily decided when the day will be that he will move on from the GM role.

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