Sherman Report: Alderson Has Roughly $10 Million Left to Spend

Joel Sherman of the New York Post deduces from conversations he’s had with people inside and outside the New York Mets organization that general manager Sandy Alderson has roughly $10 million remaining to spend in free agency or trade.

The Mets still have plenty of spots to feel in the bullpen, second base, could use a another starter, possibly a legit everyday center fielder and one could argue insurance at first base/corner outfield.

Right-handed reliever Anthony Swarzak has been the only major league deal dealt out by the Mets this offseason with him getting two-years worth $14 million.

The Mets have shown significant interest in upgrading at the second base position with Jason Kipnis being the current focus but Sherman even throws some hot water on that possibility, “will almost certainly be beyond the imposed financial parameters.”

Kipnis is guaranteed $30.5 million over the next two seasons with an option for a third season.

As previously suggest by Alderson, Sherman expects the Mets to continue their bargain shopping in January and February for value deals. Though the Wilpons tell Sandy to come to them with any deal he likes regardless of cost and sell the merits, and that leaves open the possibility of increasing payroll.

With the addition of Swarzak’s $5.5 million salary in 2017 the Mets current payroll is roughly $125,500,00 million with the salary arbitration estimates ($43.6M) from MLB Trade Rumors.

Meaning Sherman feels like the Mets will enter the 2018 season in the $130 million range payroll wise. For reference, 19 major league teams had a 2017 payroll of at least $130 million including the Minnesota Twins.

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