Mets Payroll Remains Uncertain Despite $50 Million Windfall

In August, it was announced that MLB Advanced Media, known in the industry as “BAMtech,” is being sold to Disney.

MLB is making $1.5 billion on the deal. This is important because each team, including the Mets, will receive a $50 million windfall following the move.

According to a report in NBC Sports, the $1.5 billion may be just the tip of the iceberg for MLB.

A source familiar with the big Disney-BAMTech acquisition tells NBC Sports that, as a result of the deal, Disney will get one major league game a night to stream on its new ESPN-branded streaming service.

The game will be behind a pay wall. In exchange Disney will pay Major League Baseball a “significant” sum, over and above what it already pays MLB for ESPN’s broadcast rights and over and above the $1.58 billion Disney paid for the additional 42 percent of BAMTech it acquired. The exact figures were not disclosed.

The Mets shed approximately $9 million this season after shipping away Addison Reed, Jay Bruce, Neil Walker, Curtis Granderson, Lucas Duda and waiving Rene Rivera.

The team also has $70 million coming off the books, but general manager Sandy Alderson said late last month the team is unlikely to match the opening day payroll of $155 million from this past year.

“I’m certainly not sitting here willing to say OK, it’s going to be at least as high as it was last year, but I think we expect to be a competitive team next year.”

“The fact that we have so many dollars coming off the books we recognize and a good percentage of that — at this point undermined — certainly will be reinvested in the payroll, but I can’t give you a specific number.”

MLB Trade Rumors recently released an outlook for the Mets offseason with a few important nuggets.

The team has three guaranteed contracts for next year currently, as well as two player options that are likely to be picked up:

The team also has several players that are eligible for salary arbitration:

The top two, Aoki and Milone are non-tender candidates, with the former due for a big pay raise and the latter having vastly under performed in 2017.

With the roster’s current makeup of players, the payroll stands around $100-102 million, if you take away Aoki and Milone’s projected salaries.

However, the Mets have holes to fill. Alderson will need to find a viable option at third base to replace David Wright, who hasn’t appeared in a game since May, 2016. Additionally, the team needs an innings eater type starter, one or two bullpen chips and a potential outfielder.

It will be interesting to see how the general manager looks to retool the team this offseason and just how much payroll he has to work with.

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