3 Up, 3 Down: Season Ends In A Whimper

3 UP

1. THOR!

Noah Syndergaard took the mound in the season finale, and, well, he was Thor. He was painting the black with fastballs over 100 MPH. He dominated the Phillies needing just 26 pitches to get through two innings. You want hope the Mets can complete next season? You saw it right there on Sunday.

2. Cabrera’s Strong Finish

Asdrubal Cabrera had another torrid stretch to end the season. In the month of September, he hit .371/.431/.607 with nine doubles, four homers, and 17 RBI.

That last homer was an eleventh inning shot giving the Mets their 70th win of the season. The win meant the Mets still have not finished a season with a win total in the sixties since 2003.

Seeing how Cabrera finished the year, it’s now all but assured the Mets will pick up his option. What they ultimately do with it remains to be seen.

3. Reunited And It Feels So Good

The cryptic message at the end of the final telecast of the season scared many Mets fans as we’ve all been conditioned to expect the worst this year.

As it turns out, the cryptic message was hinting at Keith Hernandez joining Fox to handle studio work during the postseason. There, he will likely reunite with old friend Kevin Burkhardt. Ron Darling will continue to lend his voice to TBS broadcasts.

While we don’t get to see the Mets in the postseason, we will continue to get our fix of Keith and Ron.


1. Collins Mistreated

In the previous 3 Up, 3 Down, it was noted how the New York Mets acted without class as they failed to give Terry Collins, the longest tenured manager in Mets history, a proper send-off in the Mets last home series. As it turns out, that point was an understatement.

Marc Carig of Newsday wrote an article where an unnamed group of players and front office people just trashed. You’d say they spit in his face, but to do that, they’d have to have put their names to their statements.

Collins handled the situation with class, and Sandy Alderson has stern words for those who contributed. Despite everything, Collins was given a new job in the organization. To that end, there was a good end to this story.

Still, the events marred the final days of Collins’ career in the dugout, and it made the Mets look petty and small.

2. Harvey’s Nightmare Season

Matt Harvey put it best when he personally said it was a positive that his nightmare of a season is over. His nightmare of a season included a 6.70 ERA, which is the worst ERA of a starter in Mets history.

Despite this, the Mets have indicated they are bringing Harvey back for one last go-around. With him not needing surgery, finally feeling healthy, and his being in a walk year, maybe we’ll see him bounce back to become an effective starting pitcher again.

3. Season Is Over

This has been one of the most disappointing seasons in Mets history. It’s been a maddening season which has caused many to turn off their televisions on more than one occasion. And yet, it’s going to be disappointing to have no Mets baseball tomorrow or the day after.

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