Bob Geren, Chip Hale Not Best Choices for Manager

An interesting report by Mike Puma of the New York Post names five potential candidates of interest as the Mets search for their next manager: Alex Cora (who seems to be #MetsTwitter’s top choice), Robin Ventura, Kevin Long, Bob Geren and Chip Hale. All five have previous ties to the Mets organization — Cora and Ventura as players, and the other three as assistant coaches.

This report has everyone giving their hot takes about who’s the best of these candidates. Some say Cora because he’s analytics savvy, others say Ventura because he has managerial experience. But there hasn’t been much said about the bad candidates on here, or why anyone shouldn’t be hired.

Well, that means that it’s probably a good time to point out that two people on this reported shortlist have absolutely no business managing the team: Bob Geren and Chip Hale.

Both coaches have previously been assistants with the Mets: Geren was the bench coach from 2012-2015, and Hale was the third-base coach from 2010-2011. Neither of these coaches, with the exception of the 2015 season, ever saw much success in Orange and Blue. It’s time for a fresh face — one who has no ties to the Collins regime.

Likewise, both have been unsuccessful in their stints managing big-league teams. Geren was 334-476 in four-and-a-half years as A’s manager, and Hale was 148-176 in two years as Diamondbacks manager. The two combine for a grand total of zero winning seasons in seven years. Additionally, in the years after both managers left their respective teams, those teams both made the playoffs (the A’s in 2012, the Diamondbacks this year). That doesn’t mean that the managers were solely to blame for their team’s woes, but it definitely does not reflect well on them.

While Hale’s appearance on the Mets’ shortlist comes as a bit of a suprise, Geren has been named as a candidate in the past. Last week, The Boston Globe¬†reported that Geren could be the Mets’ top managerial choice. So Geren will likely get serious contention by the team — much to the ire of fans who want to turn the page.

Should the Mets hire Geren (or Hale), it wouldn’t be hard to imagine a scenario where fans aren’t upset. Over the last few years, teams on the cusp of contention have made hires like Terry Francona, Joe Maddon and Dusty Baker. And the Mets’ answer to that is Bob Geren or Chip Hale? That’s going to tick off a lot of fans, and further the “cheap Mets” narrative– If anyone up in front office or ownership actually cares about something like that.

The team should learn from the Terry Collins years and not opt to hire a manager with only marginal success in the major leagues. To hire Geren or Hale would be to ignore the failures of Collins and to anger a fanbase that has already been beleaguered by an awful season.

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