Heyman: Terry Collins Unlikely To Return Next Season

While the New York Mets organization doesn’t lay blame for this disaster of a season on Terry Collins, the manager is unlikely to return, reports FanRag Sports’ Jon Heyman.

According to Heyman, Collins is reluctant to return and the Mets aren’t eager to bring him back. Members of the organization refused to defend (or bash) Collins either publicly or anonymously, perhaps a bad sign for him.

Collins signed a two-year extension after the Mets’ 2015 World Series run and has left it up in the air whether he would even like to return.

Of course, Collins is not responsible for the unbelievable number of injuries, the primary cause of the Mets’ failures this season. However, he has repeatedly come under fire from fans for poor in-game and lineup management, among other things.

Collins, 68, is the longest-tenured manager in Mets history, having steered the team through 1097 games, in which the Mets are 536-561.

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