This Jacob deGrom Trade Talk Never Ends…

Once again, we hear more chatter that the Houston Astros are interested in an ace such as Jacob deGrom from the Mets and have set him as their top target. Buzz of this continues even more after Jose Quintana, their second choice, was traded to the Chicago Cubs today.

Now, personally, I do not want to see this happen nor do I think it will. However, I am going to bet this will be talked about more and more as we get closer to the deadline. I don’t see Houston letting up on these discussions in pursuit of their first World Series victory. I envision they will try to do whatever they can to pry him from the Mets without dismantling their Major League roster in the process.

I will also bet that the Mets will get an offer in the ballpark of what they are looking for. Now what would that offer constitute? That offer would have to start with one of their outfield prospects in Kyle TuckerDerek Fisher, third baseman Alex Bregman, and pitching prospect Francis Martes. Keep going… The Mets would also need someone who could immediately, or in the very near future, be relied upon to eat innings. How about we include, former Met Collin McHugh who hasn’t thrown a single pitch this season. Or maybe, they offer up Mike Fiers.

Now that’s the type of deal that gets the Mets interested and can even justify taking to the Mets fanbase. Again, my bet is this isn’t going to happen. I think the Houston Astros find their pitcher elsewhere either in the form of Gerrit Cole or Sonny Gray. I do not believe the Astros would be willing to include Fiers or McHugh.

However, that isn’t going to stop this chatter from continuing. I believe the Mets will get them to include Tucker, Bregman and Martes if that is what they want in return. I think the Astros understand those pieces are a must if they want to make a deal of this magnitude for deGrom, who is under control through the 2020 season.

I know it sounds as absurd as when the Mets traded Tom Seaver, but I think we are going to see this trade talk become closer to a reality than any of us really want to see. DeGrom to the Houston Astros is a legitimate possibility, but is certainly unlikely at the moment.

However, it is worth keeping an eye on, especially after seeing the haul the Chicago White Sox got for Jose Quintana. Stay tuned!


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