Alderson Should Look to Package Players Like White Sox

It has become very much apparent that most of the Mets assets are not likely to garner any significant interest on the open market, excluding Addison Reed. And so, after seeing how the White Sox put Todd Frazier, David Robertson, and Tommy Kahnle together to get the prospect they wanted, OF Blake Rutherford. I suggest the Mets do the same.

I think we would all prefer to get one team’s top-tier prospect over just five or six low to mid-level prospects. To me, the best way to assure them that this will happen is by making a package. Here are some scenarios I could see coming up.

Trade #1

Boston Red Sox get:  RHP Addison Reed, 3B Wilmer Flores

New York Mets get: LHP Jay Groome/3B Bobby Dalbec plus mid-level prospect

Why this makes sense for the Red Sox?

They could use another top-end bullpen piece and they also need a third-basemen that can step in immediately. This trade solves both their issues and lets them move on with their season. Flores also is under-control through 2019 which has value in and of itself. Jay Groome is not really necessary for them at the moment as they have Chris Sale and David Price under-control for many years to come on top of the fact that four of their five starters are already left-handed. Dalbec is an option as well since they already have Rafeal Devers set to take over the third base for many years to come.

Why this makes sense for the Mets?

The Mets can use all the pitching depth for the future that they can get. Most of their young and inexpensive starters will be aging and getting expensive by the time Groome is ready and he can help carry the next generation of pitching for this team. Dalbec could make sense too as they guy who can eventually be the starting third basemen for this team without telling David Wright that he needs to retire immediately.

Trade #2

Houston Astros get: RHP Addison Reed, OF Curtis Granderson, INF Asdrubal Cabrera

New York Mets get: OF Kyle Tucker/ OF Derek Fisher plus one mid-level prospect

Why this makes sense for the Astros?

It allows them to shorten the game in the post-season and not have to worry about getting a top-of-the-line starter in a trade. Curtis Granderson also brings some great experience and leadership to an inexperienced group of players other than Carlos Beltran as well as a potential DH/OF platoon option. Cabrera can immediately step into play shortstop or third (with Alex Bregman going to SS) for them with Carlos Correa expected to miss six to eight weeks tearing a ligament in his left-thumb. They also can afford to give up Tucker of Fisher as they have so much depth in their farm system and also would likely prefer to deal the hitting prospects in their system as opposed to their pitching prospects, which is a weakness for them at the big leagues.

Why this makes sense for the Mets?

The Mets could really use another controllable outfielder for the future and Fisher and Tucker fit this perfectly. The Mets are already in the midst of a four year, $110 million contract with Yoenis Cespedes and would prefer to not have to spend money on an outfielder this off-season. Fisher could step in immediately in either center-field or a corner-outfield spot while Tucker could be the long-term plan in center, and the Mets could just focus on finding a stop-gap, possibly even in the form of current Met Jay Bruce. Amed Rosario could immediately come to the MLB following this move.

Trade #3

St. Louis Cardinals get: RHP Addison Reed, OF Jay Bruce, 3B Wilmer Flores, $4 million

New York Mets get: C Carson Kelly, one mid-level prospect

Why this makes sense for the Cardinals?

The Cardinals could use an experienced reliever at the trade deadline if they still want to contend for a wild-card spot and Reed could provide them with that. They also need an outfielder as they are currently relying on Magneuris Sierra to man right field. Flores would be added as the Cardinals have an affinity for guys who can play multiple positions and Flores fits the bill and he is under control through 2019. After releasing Jhonny Peralta earlier this season, they now have a gap at third base that Flores could fill. The reason they would be willing to trade Kelly. Yadier Molina is just starting a new contract extension that will have him under control through the 2020 season. With him in the fold for the next three years after this, Kelly will be blocked. So why not use him to try to fill two needs at once?

Why this makes sense for the Mets?

Kelly will immediately become the catcher of the future in the Mets eyes and this can finally signal the end for Travis d’Arnaud, who has largely disappointed in his tenure with the team. Kelly could even make a cameo later this year to prove he is ready and we could figure out the situation with Tomas Nido later. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to have depth, that’s how you build a farm system that has trade chips. While we will miss Bruce’s bat, this is a way to avoid spending money on one less position in the off-season and Bruce is also no guarantee to return even if he were to stay with the Mets for the rest of the season.

My Thoughts

Yes, I realize not all of these trades will be options at the end. However, I believe that this is close to the model of a trade we can expect to see. \n
I have always believed that quality is more important than quantity. Yeah, sure, the Mets could probably trade all of these guys and get five-seven, low-to-mid-level prospect. Is that really what they want though.

Personally, I would rather see us put all our chips in one basket and get the best prospect(s) we can get and if that means we can only make one big trade like these, than so be it.

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