Mets To Install New Protective Netting At Citi Field

The Mets will install a set of new protective nets both behind home plate and down the foul lines, the team announced yesterday.

The 30-foot high net behind home plate will be extended four sections in both directions, and an entirely new eight-foot net will extend a few sections further. Here is what the changes will look like:

In a statement, the Mets said the nets are 97% transparent.

The change comes after a series of incidents over the years of fans getting injured by balls and bats along the foul lines, and numerous other ballparks have already extended their netting.

At the same time, pending legislation in the New York City Council may have eventually made the decision for the team. Council member Rafael Espinal introduced a bill last month that would require ballparks in the city with capacities greater than 5,000 to install more netting behind home plate and along the foul lines.

“My sincerest applause goes to the New York Mets for taking this big step in extending protective netting at all of their ballparks,” said Espinal. “So many families and fans will be kept safe because of this bold action. The Mets have been engaged and willing to work with me throughout this process. They truly proved that they are willing to play ball and go above and beyond on behalf of their fans.”

The nets will be fully installed after the All-Star break when the Mets host the Rockies for a three-game series starting July 14.

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