Can Someone Please Wake Up Sandy Alderson?

Everybody has a breaking point and after Sunday’s debacle in Milwaukee, I believe I’ve reached mine. I’m also praying that Sandy Alderson has reached his breaking point as well.

As currently constructed, this team is not a playoff caliber team, not even close. We have a rotation that is seriously underwhelming and a bullpen that is hemorrhaging and bleeding out. Injuries have wreaked havoc on our pitching staff, and performances from healthy players like Matt Harvey and Robert Gsellman have fallen far short of expectations.

Sunday was a tipping point for this Mets team. After clawing their way back to .500, the Mets have lost four straight games and currently sit at 16-20. Yesterday’s loss was downright excruciating as the Mets were winning 7-1 after five innings, but ended up losing to the Brewers 11-9. The bullpen, which is without closer Jeurys Familia, blew another lead and allowed an unconscionable seven runs.

“Their job is to come in and get outs,” Collins said. “When you call upon them, they got to come in and do the job. We didn’t get an out when we needed an out. We didn’t make a pitch when we needed a pitch.”

Addison Reed, who gave up the lead by surrendering a late home run, chimed in as well.

“It’s frustrating, but that’s baseball,” Reed said. “Stuff is going to happen. Gone through a lot worse times than this.”

It isn’t just the bullpen that’s been floundering, though. The Mets have essentially sucked all around. The starting rotation that’s supposed to be the best in baseball has been the worst in baseball. The team built to win “if healthy” has not been healthy and accordingly, they haven’t been winning.

With the exceptions of a fab five consisting of Michael Conforto, T.J. Rivera, Rene Rivera, Jay Bruce, and Jerry Blevins, everybody else is either injured or seriously underperforming. Something needs to be done to keep this team afloat until they are firing on all cylinders in September and can actually make a run.

Sandy, are you listening? Hello? Do somethingThis is your job! You’re the general manager, so, generally manage the team! I don’t care that the trade deadline is July 31st – Take this from someone who is just graduating college: Don’t procrastinate! Wheel and deal with teams that you think will be sellers at the deadline. If they don’t think they will be sellers, well, convince them.

You know Rick Hahn, general manager of the Chicago White Sox? Give him a call, make an offer for David Robertson. He’s pitching pretty well so far, 2-0 with a 2.13 ERA in 12.2 innings. Maybe ask about third baseman Todd Frazier who hit 104 home runs from 2014-2016. Just a thought…

To be honest, I don’t care what you do or how you do it, but you’ve got to do something and you’ve got to do it now. And I’m afraid that if you wait until we get closer to the deadline, it might be too late to salvage what was supposed to be a very exciting season.

If you make a trade, great. Sign a free agent, great. Call up Amed Rosario, great. Fire someone, great. I don’t care. Do whatever needs to be done to get your team to wake the hell up and start winning ballgames. Pretend, just for a second, your job depends on it.

Look, far be it from me to tell you how to do your job, but your team is rudderless and adrift at sea. My biggest fear is that without some intervention by you, our 2017 season will be sunk.

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