3 Up, 3 Down: Mets Didn’t Rise From The Ashes

3 UP

1.  Mets Have Found A Reliable Bullpen Arm

Paul Sewald struggled in his first ever major league appearance. Since that point, he has pitched 11.2 innings with a 1.54 ERA. He has 13 strikeouts in his last 7. 2 innings pitched. He has done all that has been asked of him, and he’s pitched extremely well. He has shown he’s ready to take on more responsibility. The Mets need him to do so with Jeurys Familia potentially being done for the year.

2. Conforto Can Hit Anyone

Since the time he was called up to the majors, Terry Collins has outright refused to play Michael Conforto against left-handed pitching. Now, with all the injuries, Collins is forced to play Conforto against left-handed pitching. As it turns out benching Conforto against left-handed pitching was entirely unnecessary.

With yesterday’s first inning homer, Conforto is now hitting .235/.350/.588 with two homers.

3.  Signs of Life from Granderson

Curtis Granderson is a notoriously slow starter, but he has taken that to the next level this year by entering this series hitting .144/.206/.272.  In Arizona, Granderson has finally showed some signs of life with him going 3-7 with three runs, two walks, a homer, and two RBI.  Even with this recent outburst, it is likely Granderson will be headed to the bench whenever Yoenis Cespedes returns.  Still, it is good to know that when an outfielder needs to sit or when the Mets need a big hit late in the game, Granderson could be coming around.



1.  Don’t Duda That Again

It’s been really difficult to watch this team lately. The starting pitching is terrible. The bullpen is exhausted and cracking at the seams. The defense is poor. The absolute last thing Mets fans needed was seeing a play reminiscent of the Eric Hosmer play from the 2015 World Series, and yet there was Lucas Duda botching a throw home again thereby allowing a run to score.

This is all part of Duda’s struggles since he has come off the disabled list. He is currently mired in a 2-13 funk with just one extra-base hit.  On the bright side, Duda acknowledges he’s playing terribly, so he knows he needs to be better.

2.  Season Spiraling Out of Control

The Mets have just lost seven in a row making it the second time this season the team has lost at least six games in a row. They’re now seven games under .500 and are already nine games behind the Nationals in the National League East.

The rotation and the bullpen are struggling. The lineup is starting to go into a funk. No one knows when the injured players will return from the disabled list. The Mets are refusing to call up prospects who should be upgrades. As Yogi Berra would say, “It’s getting late early.”

3. Nothing Is Wright

Reports have indicated David Wright is still not performing any baseball activities. We don’t know when he is going to be able to do so. Wright is still an important player to this team, and he is an all-time great Met. Arguably, he is the second best Met to ever put on the uniform, and we may never see him put on a Mets uniform again. News like this is just devastating.

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