Opening Day Is A Holiday For Mets Fans

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Opening Day makes you feel like a kid again. You’ve waited for this day since the final game of the previous season. Whether your team had a miserable season, came up short of the postseason or lost in a heart breaking playoff game, Opening Day is a day of healing.

Opening Day is like the feeling you get on Christmas morning. You wake up in the morning and jump out of bed with a smile on your face. You skip school or work for this day because you consider it a holiday. You put on your jersey and your fashionable Mets socks and sneakers, ready to show the world that YOU are a big time Mets fan. The optimism is very high and you are ready for a long season of cheering, tears and laughter.

The start time for the game is 1:10. Whether you take the train or drive to Citi Field, you’ve already started the Opening Day party. Along side several other Mets fans, you have your tall boys ready for your long train ride. Walking into the Citi Field parking lot, you see fans already tailgating, having a catch and most importantly having a good time. For Mets fans, it’s never too early to start drinking.


At Citi Field the atmosphere is electric. Strangers are high-fiving you as you walk through the concourse. Everyone is smiling and enjoying a warm, spring afternoon. As you walk into the stadium you are treated by the friendly Citi Field staff. You can literally smell baseball again. The familiar smell of freshly cooked Citi Field hot dogs and hamburgers draws you to the line of delicious Shake Shack. You better get there early because the lines are always long!

As you walk to your seats, Howie Rose starts to announce the opposing team’s coaches and players. You can’t help but boo the other team even though you probably don’t know half the players. The adrenaline is running through your body, you’ve been anticipating this day for a while. Everyone in the stadium is on their feet and screaming for the home team. When they finally announce the Mets starting lineup you can’t help but scream like a little kid.

The players and coaches are lined up and ready for the National Anthem. The adrenaline continues to build up, as you place your hand over your heart and face the flag. When the anthem is over, you begin to cheer. Led by the 7-Line Army, loud “Lets Go Mets” chants roar through the stadium. It’s game time!

The opposing player steps into the freshly chalked batters box. Noah Syndergaard steps on the rubber and fires the first pitch of the game for a strike, and the 2017 Mets baseball season  is finally underway.

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