MMO Roundtable: Are You Confident The Mets Can Turn This Around?

Are you confident the Mets can turn this around?

Tommy – Can? Sure. It’s early. They’ll need to play well vs the Nationals or they’ll be playing for a Wild Card by May. But last year they were in bad shape with much less time left, and they made a run. All they need is to be healthy and, if they want the division, to beat Washington consistently.

Logan – I’m absolutely confident the Mets can turn this around. Last season saw a team endure countless injuries and still get to the playoffs. This year, while there have been many injuries early in the season, none have been as serious as the ones that required surgery last season (i.e. Duda, Walker, Harvey, etc.). This is a good team with good pitching and on any given day, good pitching usually beats good hitting. As long as Thor can come back strong as well as Harvey, Wheeler, deGrom, and Gsellman with Reed and Familia at the back end of the bullpen, I think this team has a chance.

Ben – I am personally not very confident in the Mets turning this season around. I think they just don’t have enough to compete day in and day out and don’t show enough grit and resilience. Not enough guys on the team show proper fundamentals, and this bullpen simply won’t function in a low scoring offense. But, if health becomes less of an issue they’ll be in the same position they were last year.

Brian – It is still early, we have 141 games to play, I am confident that the team can still turn it around. As bad as things have been for the Mets there is still plenty of time to right the ship. It may not be pretty as they try to navigate against the current but you cannot declare this team dead in April.

Mathew – I’m confident in death and taxes, but not the Mets turning this around. As much as I pray they do, they have too many obstacles to clear before changing my tune. The inconsistent offense which is too reliant on the long ball, the overused pen, and the mounting injuries are all causes of concern. Not to mention that this was supposed to be their easier part of the schedule.

Mike – Not sure confidence is the word I would use, but I’m also not completely writing this team off right now. Curtis Granderson isn’t going to have a .451 OPS all year, Neil Walker isn’t going to slug only .360 all year, I believe Robert Gsellman is going to be better than he has and that Seth Lugo and Steven Matz will pitch this season.

Joe D – It’s so tough to grasp just how awful a start the Mets have had to this season. Based on expectations this has been an epic failure. Tougher still is trying to project where the team goes from here. I’ve seen the Mets navigate through slumps similar to this before, so I do believe there is ample time for a dramatic turnaround. Much will depend on what happens this weekend. I remember Bobby Valentine once said that losing builds character and that character wins championships. He ended up taking the Mets all the way to the World Series that season. I still believe in the 2017 Mets.

What is your main concern going forward?

Tommy – The injuries. It’s hard for this team to improve when the roster gets worse every day. If we get and stay healthy we’ll compete. That’s a massive “if,” and if you EXPECT it to happen, you haven’t been paying attention (but let’s hope it happens).

Logan – My main concern is the one that has already come true, injuries. So far this season we have all witnessed a team riddled with injuries, despite all the talent, lose many games they could have or should have won. We all said it all offseason: If the Mets are healthy, they will win ballgames. If not, well, you’ve seen what’s happened so far this season.

Ben – My main concern is the bullpen. I know it’s early and Familia is adjusting, I get that. But aside from him they don’t have anyone who has anything more than average stuff. Salas and Robles have been terrible and they didn’t do enough to improve. Even a guy like Brad Ziegler, a cheap efficient option would have helped immensely, but this bullpen where it stands is awful.

Brian – The biggest concern going forward would be the health of this team as they cannot seem to get out of their own way. Whether it be injuries to the starting staff that have depleted what once was amazing depth to losing their star slugger, Yoenis Cespedes for an unknown amount of time. The health of this team could end up telling the tale of what the 2017 season ultimately will be for the Metropolitans.

Mathew – Injuries are always a concern, however, sustaining a winning offense is my greatest concern with this team. What is this team’s identity? Are they an all or nothing ball club? Hitting to all fields, hit and runs, moving runners over with less than two outs, and playing some small ball could get the offense going. They’ve scored two or fewer runs in eight of their 21 games played, and are in the bottom third of runs scored in the majors. If the Mets are without Cespedes for a prolonged stretch, they’ll need much improved production out of Reyes, Granderson, and Walker. The Mets could use a spark, something to ignite this team and get them motivated again. One or two of those sparks could be currently in Las Vegas…

Mike – Major injuries to either of Yoenis Cespedes or Noah Syndergaard would obviously be a huge issue for the Mets to overcome. Aside from injuries, the Mets defense has been a mess recently. Cabrera has even less range than last year, Walker has been shaky at second, Reyes has had a few bad games at third and Bruce is brutal in right field (actually might be better at 1st).

Joe D – My main concern beyond good health the rest of the way is the same thing that has plagued this team for two years; getting on base and manufacturing more runs. This team can hit home runs with the best of them, but when the homers are in short supply so are the runs. A conscious effort must be made to ramp up the situational hitting and having a better plate approach based on getting on base and not chasing pitches out of the strike zone.

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