Matt Harvey Expected To Make His Next Start

During Matt Harvey‘s win against the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday, he tweaked his leg on two different occasions while covering the first base bag.

The first time Harvey stayed in the game, and he showed no ill effects of the incident. The second time in the sixth inning of what was a 14-4 blowout, Terry Collins took no chances, and he pulled Harvey from the game.

After the game, the injury was classified anywhere from a cramp to a tight hamstring. All the while, the Mets and Harvey, himself, stressed that it was not a major issue, and that Harvey was going to make his next start.

For his part, Harvey said, “It’s nothing serious. I don’t know if it was sitting around a lot, obviously we were putting up a lot of runs so I was sitting in the dugout and going back out there and cover first a couple times and just grabbed it.”

On Wednesday, the issue was brought up yet again with Collins.  Collins again insisted Harvey is going to make his next scheduled start, which is against the Miami Marlins on Easter Sunday.

So far, while not looking like the Harvey of old, he is pitching as well as the Harvey of old carrying the same swagger on the mound.  Through his first two starts of the year, Harvey is 2-0 with a 2.92 ERA, 0.730 WHIP and a 7.3 K/9.

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