A Tough Loss To Swallow

We have seen this picture painted before.

A brilliant start that fell by the wayside after Mets manager Terry Collins made an in-game decision that inevitably backfired.

Saturday night was a prime example.

Jacob deGrom was masterful after rebounding from two solo home runs allowed in the second inning, fanning 13 Marlins over seven innings which tied a career high for the righty.

Instead of allowing deGrom to at least attempt to retire a batter in the eighth, Collins removed the long-maned stud for Fernando Salas, who has pitched in eight of the Mets first twelve games.

It’s not entirely Salas’ fault. The reliever, who has been so consistent this season and actually since we acquired him last August, was going to show some fatigue after appearing in all but four games for the Mets in 2017.

Why not allow deGrom to go out for the eighth? The bullpen has been put through the ringer for the first dozen games, including a 16 inning affair that saw Collins burn through every available reliever on Thursday.

Mets relievers have already logged 47 1/3 innings this season, second only to the Cincinnati Reds in all of baseball.

The team also leads the majors in relief appearances on one days rest with 17 1/3, an unsustainable and unfeasible total.

It’s a long, grueling season. If something works, don’t break it. Let deGrom go out for the eighth with his 1.89 ERA and attack the top of Miami’s lineup.

I understand Collins had his hands tied and had slim pickings to work with considering each pitcher is overworked, but get some longevity out of your starter. They have five days to rest.

There’s an old baseball adage that says on average, a team will naturally win 60 games and lose 60 games, but what they do with the other 42 makes or breaks a season.

Saturday night, the Mets dropped one of those 42. A tough pill to swallow against a bitter division rival.

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